Best Floor Jack For Lifted Trucks – Including other jacks

If you are looking for the best floor jack for lifted trucks, SUVs and cars then you are in the right place. Here I have compiled 7 top-quality jacks for lifted trucks, which are value for the money.

Owning an SUV or a 4×4 off-road truck is amazing. But it won’t be easy to change a tire or fix a puncture without the right jack to lift it. Whether you want to raise your heavy-duty truck on the freeway or in the garage, a jack offers great lifting solutions.

With little knowledge about the automotive industry, choosing the right jack isn’t easy. But our ultimate review will help you make an informed decision. 

Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Hydraulic Off Road Jack, for Lifted, 4WD,... * (#ad), is the winner when it comes to floor jacks for lifted trucks. It’s versatility to perform different lifting tasks is enormous. The lifting range is 28″ which is the most appealing and ideal for lifted trucks. Also, it’s made of high-quality materials. As such, it outsmarts others. 

Hi-Lift Jack XT485 48" Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack * (#ad), is the best choice for people who need a hydraulic jack. It lifts up quickly and also acts as a jack stand to keep you safe when you’re underneath your vehicle.

BIG RED 20 Ton Hydraulic Aluminum Alloy Pump/Pneumatic Quick Lift... * (#ad), is excellent in value because it’s designed for both commercial and residential use. It offers stability that will save you, even in the most challenging situations. 

With the sheer volume of jacks available in the market, there are many other top products to choose from. We’ve also included them as top choices in our list. 

Best Floor Jack For Lifted Trucks

If you love to work on your truck in the garage, then you know that one of the most important tools needed is a floor jack. But which one should you choose for your lifted truck? I am here to help. Read on and find out all about it!

When you are looking for the best floor jack for a lifted truck, there are two important factors to consider: height and weight capacity. If you have a standard pickup, then an 18-inch tall jack is going to be enough. However, when you add lift kit to your truck, it’s important that your jack can reach higher than 20 inches.

I have compiled a list of the best floor jacks for lifted trucks with heavy tires and suspension lifts. These are made specifically for those who need extra stability when working under their vehicle or doing any type of maintenance that requires raising up parts (like changing oil).  This list includes some affordable models, but also more expensive ones for those who can afford them. The higher-priced ones even come with an optional electric pump as well as pneumatic options so they are even more versatile.

Sunex 6602LP 2-Ton Steel Service Jack


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Looking for a tire jack for a lifted truck? The Sunex 6602LP 2-Ton doesn’t come as a surprise to most people. The brand has made its name by manufacturing high-quality, reliable service jacks. Sunex 6602LP 2-Ton ultra-low height model is ideal for exotic cars, sports cars as well as flat tires. 

With 24-inch maximum height, this steel service jack can lift SUVs and pick-ups high enough. You don’t have to use much effort. Its versatility adds value to its performance. 

Significantly, the rapid technology backed with double pistons is a gift. They help to achieve the maximum height of 24-inch in only 6.5 pumps. On the same, the quick release handle brings extra leverage. You can conveniently store it in any workspace. 

However, one drawback is that 6602LP is huge and bulky. If you’re when it comes to operation, the model can do wonders. You can easily put your car on blocks. I ultimately believe it is worth it. 

Things we liked

  • Offers massive lifting capability
  • Features incredible stability
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Suitable for SUVs and sports cars
  • Ultimate performance

Things we didn’t like

  • Heavy and huge 

Review Of COOKE Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Hydraulic Off Road Jack, for Lifted, 4WD, and Extreme Vehicles

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

A floor jack is a must-have for any vehicle owner. Especially if you have lifted, or extreme vehicles that need to be jacked up for repairs. After using COOKE Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel Hydraulic Off-Road Jack, I am confident in this product and highly recommend it.

So what makes this one so special? Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that make it stand out from the competition.

First, we will focus on its weight capacity. Most jacks have a maximum weight capacity of 2 tons, but this jack can support up to 3-ton loads! This means no matter how large or heavy your truck is, you’ll be able to lift it safely with ease using this product!

Next, let’s talk about safety and durability. The Kratos Off-Road Jack has an 8″ adjustable extension arm and rubber grip pad that ensures stability while lifting high clearance off-road vehicles such as lifted trucks or extreme vehicles like Hummers and JEEPs.

This floor jack is one of the best for its lifting capacity which is essential for lifted trucks. And a full 28″ lifting range is so wide that this floor jack would be a perfect choice for any size truck.

Finally, this jack features high-capacity pneumatic composite wheels that are durable enough to hold up the weight of your vehicle with ease. Whether you are stuck in the mud, need to raise your vehicle for a quick brake change or tire rotation, or you’re just looking for some more ground clearance on an off-road adventure – this jack is perfect!

There is another 1.5-ton option which price is less than this model. The only difference is weight capacity except for the price.

Blackhawk B6350 Black – Best 3.5 Ton Floor Jacks


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Could you be scorching online looking for a top-notch quality jack that is 99.9 percent safe? The Blackhawk B6350 Black is a standout. Well-known for its outstanding, easy, and quick lifting, this model is a real beast kind of a jack. Thanks to its smart features.

First off, exquisite steel construction makes it sturdy for off-road tire changes. Along with that, this feature is the reason for its robust feel. Uniquely, the unit is rugged and robust enough to withstand regular repairs on most modern trucks. 

Besides, this monstrous 7000-pound floor capacity jack is equipped with safety features. This makes it amazingly user-friendly, especially for beginners. If you don’t have the experience, there’s no reason to worry. 

The fact that it comes with the built-in bypass is presumably enough to prevent over-pumping. Further, the safety valve eliminates any risk of overloading your jack by accident.

The minimum lifting capaity is 5.5 inch and highest you can go to 22 inches which is suitable for lifted trucks.

It’s convincing to feel safe when fixing any problem underneath the car. The unit is worth the value.

Since it weighs 85 pounds, it’s easy to carry it around. Its size boosts its portability. Probably, this gives you a decent idea of how fast and heavy-duty the jack is in terms of service. 

The B6350 Black’s trolley design features both back and front caster for a bonus element of mobility, instead. 

Things we liked

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Back and front castors for mobility
  • Offers safety features
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent lifting strength

Things we didn’t like

  • Handles don’t stand vertically when storing
  • Somewhat expensive

Pro-LifT G-737 Lift Garage Jack

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

If you’re considering a simple and easy kit to use, the Pro-LifT G-737 is ideal. Its well-built design makes it a super heavy duty jack to lift any truck. While the rubber saddle protects your vehicle while lifting, the product weight capacity is 0.5 – 3 tons. And the lifting range is from 5.5″ to 22″. The weight of this floor jack is only 90lbs.

With durable construction and many features, the tool is suitable to withstand any load. For auto-recovery professionals, it’s recommendable to must-have this jack stand. Still, it’s ideal for wheel-changing tasks and home garage applications. 

Unlike other jack stands, this model has a magnetic tool tray. The tray keeps all small parts safe around your job site. With that, the convenience is at the bar. Similarly, the universal joint release mechanism offers the precision of any load in the desired handle position. 

Moreover, the rolled side frames add extra-strength to minimize twisting. This increases the stability and maneuverability of the jack stand. Most significantly, this iron ratchet bar comes with a cast-ductile design to meet all ANSI standards. Thanks to its foam handle that provides comfort while pumping. 

Things we liked

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Well-built to withstand heavy loads
  • Super heavy-duty 
  • Foam handle for enhances comfort
  • Convenient and safe to use

Things we didn’t like

  • Relatively heavy
  • Durability is questionable

Hi-Lift Jack XT485 48″: Best Hi Lift Jack

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Anyone with a Jeep knows this unique all-cast jack well. Vitally, important, Hi-Lift XT485 is a top choice that comes with versatile applications. Its many unique features make it one of the popular jacks in the industry. For jacking up your truck, Hi-Lift is an excellent solution. 

The model uses a 2-piece handle, a mechanical gear system, and a socket to get the job done. As a powerhouse jack, this 48-inch jacking system is magnificent. The steel and cast jack’s construction is durable and solid. 

More than that, the zinc-coated clamp attachment offers the highest rust resistance. Therefore, you can use the hardware without any worry. Plus, its weight capacity is favorable to maneuver. I got to say that this jack can withstand hassles, even in the most demanding situations. 

Being a versatile jack, HL484 can help you pull, lift, and push heavy loads. Comparatively, it serves well as a clamping and winching kit for different purposes. 

With it, you’ll be confident when driving auto-recovery trucks, off-road vehicles, and motorized farming equipment. 

Things we liked

  • Improved safety features
  • The tool requires mechanical operation
  • Made from rugged and durable steel materials 
  • Easy, quick and secure slack adjustment
  • Wider applications

Things we didn’t like

  • Requires regular oiling and cleaning
  • Loose handle-feel

Best Bottle Jack For Lifted Trucks: Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

This beast jack is small yet mighty. The Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 comes with a patented design that combines bottle jack and jack stand in one unit. So, you can easily lift and hold both unibody and regular trucks. 

Imagine carrying out your work without an extra or separate jack stand. That sounds interesting. Beyond that, it’s built to lift body-on-frame vehicles. For lifting unibody, this jack is excellent. 

Featuring a 3-ton working capacity, Alltrade is undoubtedly a reliable model to beat. This jack employs a locked unit that is safe at any desired operating height. This simplifies your work at any given garage or sort of station. 

Additionally, its portability gives you an upper hand to regularly lift any vehicle. Whether it’s a pick-up, small car or truck, the model is versatile to uplift all. Safety is another feature of concern. This jack is manufactured and engineered to adhere to all aligned safety regulations.

Combining all these features mentioned above, this brand is optimally suited to tasks on off-road vehicles and trucks. Powerbuilt Alltrade is really the best bottle jack for lifted trucks. 

Things we liked

  • Quite sturdy and durable
  • Comes with an illustrated guide
  • Has excellent stability to lift any vehicle
  • Easy to operate
  • Solid quality build

Things we didn’t like

  • Valves to disengage the stand jack is small
  • Optimal design

BIG RED TA92006 Torin Manual Hand Pump


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

It’s frustrating to lift your lifted vehicle using a regular jack. So, you’ll need to break the bank and invest in a fantastic jack. Grab a model that will raise that truck quickly regardless of the weight. BIG RED TA92006 Torin comes in handy to offer efficient lifting solutions.

Torin Big Red jack is designed for commercial and residential use. Therefore, you’re guaranteed that it will perform even in the most challenging situations. When it comes to stability and durability, the tool features industrial welding construction. 

To mention, its lifting capacity goes beyond doubts. The hydraulic jack assures you a comfortable lift for comfortable tire changing even the snow plowing tires. While that is achievable, the jack can support your load weight for up to 23,000lbs. 

If you’re wondering how to use this jack, then worry no more. It comes with a glide-action pressure pump that ensures effortless operation. The overload valve ensures the safety of the hydraulic system.

Interestingly, the manufacturer shows customer interest by offering support and a 1-year limited warranty. This brings even more confidence to the customer.

Things we liked

  • Can lift up to 12-ton weight capacity
  • Has 1-year limited warranty
  • Suitable for commercial and residential use
  • Durable material construction
  • Massive lifting strength

Things we didn’t like

  • Somewhat expensive than others
  • Very heavy

Torin TH90604X JackBoss: Best Hydraulic Bottle Jack


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Torin TH90604X JackBoss Hydraulic Jack outsmarts its primary competitors in the lifting field. Despite it being small, it can deliver 12-ton of pure work. If you want something sufficient to get your stuff done, Torin is a pride-worth model.

This jack is not only designed for commercial but also non-commercial usage. Furthermore, its safety and stability belong to the first class. Look at the base. Indeed, it’s rugged and wide. 

Still, the adjustable screw top adds the model’s versatility. Overall, this makes the lifting job more comfortable to handle. In terms of construction, the model is manufactured using premium steel. That’s why Jackboss Hydraulic Jack is leak-proof. 

Needless to say, the jack is powered using top-notch quality oil. Of course, this reduces any chance of corrosion, rust, or damage. Most users like its operation while others commend its ease of use. 

Remember that not all models in the market adhere to the safety standards. But Torin follows all guidelines set by the regulating bodies. This is what every customer would love to hear. 

Things we liked

  • Lightweight makes it portable
  • Quite durable
  • Has decent working capability
  • Comes with a detailed user manual
  • Remarkable for heavy-duty lift ups

Things we didn’t like

  • The piston can stick if no weight is applied to it
  • Requires regular maintenance like oiling 

BIG RED T10152 Torin: Best Scissor Lift Jack


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

On long road trips, it can be tough if you don’t have the right tools. One major tool you need is the best floor jacks for trucks that will lift up the truck when changing the tires. Today we’ve a cheaper option in the name of BIG RED T10152 Torin Lift jack. What’s special about this jack? 

This model has a rugged and compact design that makes it a utility scissor jack. To enhance durability, the model is engineered using forged alloyed steel construction. Apart from that, this feature also adds quality. 

Ultimately, it comes with a 1-piece handle that delivers quick response. This also boosts the speed to get a lifting job done safely and quickly. The extra-wide base adds strength and stability when lifting heavy loads. 

If your prioritization is about capacity and strength overload, BIG RED T10152 Torin is the way to go. Besides being 100 percent factory tested, this unit is reliable to meet your needs. It, as well, complies with ANSI safety standards. Plus, a supporting 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

Things we liked

  • The alloyed steel construction makes it durable
  • Delivers quick and fast operation
  • Stable enough to withstand trucks
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Quality is top-notch
  • A cheaper option

Things we didn’t like

  • Drive screw can gall up
  • Big and bulky

Things to Look For When Choosing The Right Jacks for Lifted Trucks

Buying a model will help you in the repair and maintenance of your car. Tasks like changing the tires and checking a truck’s transmission require tools. And the best floor jack for trucks floor jack is one of those tools.

However, before investing your dollars, there are a few key things to consider. Here are some factors to check out before hitting the ‘buy button’. 

Build & Strength Of Materials

You need a powerhouse, right? A jack that comes with a sturdy construction is superb for handling demanding jobs. Most heavy-duty models are made from forged iron materials or heavy-gauge steel. The choice of material determines its strength. 

Typically, aluminum jack stands have lesser weights. Additionally, they are more non-corrosive compared to forged-steel jacks. When it comes to pin-type jack or ratchet stands, choose steel materials. They have tough tensile strengths.

Periodical suspension Re-torquing 

It’s important to re-torque your suspension regularly. This ensures your truck or pick-up is working within the manufacturer’s limits. Make sure everything is fastened because anything on the road may throw out your torque. It’s advisable to re-torque your suspension exactly after 1200-1500 miles.


One reason for using special jacks is the ability to raise their axles to desired heights. Notably, some jacks are just vehicle-specific. For instance, Hi-lift jacks will lift a big truck from its bumper. The style and make of a jack stand are what determines the adjustability of its saddle. 

Having a jack insertion as well as the ground is an added advantage. With this measurement, you’ve got an idea of the right distance that needed to lift loads. Pick the jack that will satisfy your regular repair needs.

This factor is critical when it comes to the best floor jack for lifted trucks.

Weight of the Jack

Regardless of your task or project’s requirements, lift-capacity, or weight is a vital consideration. So, what should be the standard weight of the jack? The recommendation is that your model should weigh at least ¾ of your car’s total weight (load). 

Also, if you’re that person who frequently uses the jack, go for a lightweight like the aluminum jack. Always ensure the weight matches the intended use. Most pick-up trucks feature around 3,000-5,000 pounds. You’ll notice that all jacks in our list can lift your vehicle safely and adequately. 

Jacking Speed

Jacks come with different lifting speeds. If you’ve come across a hydraulic jack before, then you understand better. It’s often daunting to lift the jack’s saddle with tiresome and repeated movements. And because it rises slowly, the task may be cumbersome. 

It’s advisable to purchase a jack stands for lifted trucks. But it enhances fast and quick adjustment mechanisms. A lifting jack with ratchet bars offers superior lifting strengths to reach satisfactory heights effortlessly. Of course, you may need a floor jack that does things quickly. 

Safety Features

Now that you’ll be dealing with an enormous amount of weights, there’s no margin for error. Whether you’re buying a Ho-jack or bottle jack, pick the product with the best safety features crafted. Besides, it should be made in accordance with the rules and guidelines set out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need jack stands?

Absolutely yes, unless your jack is two-in-one. In short words, your model works as jack and as a stand or has a safety lock. It’s significant because once you lift your car, the unit may start lowering due to exerted pressure.

How long should my best jack for lifted truck last?

Lifting up heavy loads is a tough job. Therefore, the lifespan of the jack is short (shelf life). Maintenance and regular usage will affect its years of service. For example, a hydraulic jack for the lifted truck becomes leaky quickly. This impacts its lifespan.

What are the basic safety requirements for using a jack stand?

Avoid going underneath your car when it’s only supported by a jack. Before you go underneath, apply jack stands under recommendable parts of your vehicle. The lower the car in the jack stands. Ensure your vehicle is securely settled and stable.

What factors make the right jack stand for a lifted truck?

One main thing that makes this achievable is the material of construction. The right jack should be made of a material that is sturdy enough to withstand heavy loads. Also, the unit should have an adjustable height. This allows the user to work with the desired heights.

How do I use a floor jack?

It’s pretty simple to use a floor jack to lift up your car. Just close the pressure valve, use the handle promptly to pump it up. When you’re done, turn the valve in the opposite direction. As a result, this will lower the jack. To ensure extra safety, it’s advisable to read the user’s manual carefully. 

Final Verdict

To wrap up, your lifted truck is your baby. Therefore, you should rightly treat it by having the best jack for a lifted truck. Know your intended use before shopping for one. 

Also, consider factors like lifting capacity, weight, and construction. With this, you’ll be assured of awesome performance. Pick a product that’s reliable and durable. 

Our top choice is the Blackhawk B6350 Black – 3.5 Ton Capacity. Not only is the Blackhawk brand reliable but also trusted. It’s working capability, the material of construction, and lifting strength are the reason for its maneuverability. 

Perhaps you might need a well-sized unit. B6350 Black comes with a medium size that makes it portable. Carrying it around with you is effortless. The size allows you to use and operate it with ease. The jack is worth the value.

No matter how high you want to lift your truck, the jack allows you to perform your maintenance and repair tasks without worry. Reading our reviews will help you settle for the best unit.

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