Fix 2022 Ram eTorque Problems: DIY of Common Ram 1500 eTorque Issues

Does your 2022 Ram truck shut off suddenly, and it happens quite often? Hold on. It might be an eTorque-related issue.

Incorrect voltage display, emergency braking, and engine stalling are some common 2022 Ram eTorque problems. Not only the Ram 1500 truck but some eTorque-installed Jeep models also suffer from these issues. 

So, today, I’ll give you some insights into why these might happen and the possible fix. Stay along!

2022 ram etorque problems and solutions

How Does eTorque Work?

The eTorque system in a Ram truck works as a regenerative braking system that collects the power in the braking system when you brake or wait at a traffic signal.

It’s a motor generator fitted in the belt replaced with the alternator in your truck’s engine. The eTorque system supplies electricity to a dedicated mixed metal battery that delivers a 48-volt current when the engine runs. 

What Does The eTorque Do? Is eTorque Reliable?

The eTorque option in an engine does different things to improve the overall performance- it automatically shuts on and off the engine and integrates regenerative braking. The operation is smooth, so you don’t notice any major difference in the time. 

A member of the popular forum Reddit shared his experience,

“I have 54k miles on my 2019 eTorque without any issues. Love it. Big MPG improvement is noticeable when towing. Off the line and off-roading also noticeable power increase compared to my buddies 2019 without it.”

That’s right! eTorque gives you these benefits in certain conditions-

  • It improves torque capacity, about 130ft*lb extra torque at low RPM.
  • It increases combined fuel economy by 2 to 3 mpg. You get better mileage. The estimation is about 18 mpg in the city vs. 15 mpg. So, you save 20%.
  • Ram 1500 eTorque comes with an 8yr/80k emissions warranty which is why you can give the eTorque a try.
  • Besides improved towing capacity, the eTorque also makes smooth shifts in the gears.

But if you ask me if you get the same service in the 2022 Ram 1500, I’d rather say you do, but that comes with a risk because NHTSA has received many customer complaints.

It also has a potential lawsuit from customers who had sudden engine shut-off and stalling issues.

Common 2022 Ram eTorque Problems and Solutions

A 2022 Ram 1500 user said he doesn’t feel safe in that vehicle due to the eTorque issues and is considering using the Lemon Law rights if the problem persists.

Like him, many others have faced the following problems in their 2022 Ram 1500 eTorque.

eTorque IssuesPotential Fix
Engine stallingReplace the eTorque
Automatic shut-offsShut off the engine, wait a while, and restart.
Inaccurate voltage readingContact your dealer
Requires turning off the AC to operateContact your dealer
Unexpectedly stops workingTry replacing the battery

Problem 1: Automatic Shut Offs

Abrupt engine shut-off is a common problem in eTorque-installed 2022 Ram vehicles. With the engine shut-off issue, the truck will suddenly stop even at high speed. 

It may have happened because the engine couldn’t take the load. And the ACC or Adaptive Cruise Control mode will automatically turn on with the auto-turn feature. But you can still safely park the vehicle.


When abrupt shut-off is a common issue in your Ram truck, you must restart the engine. First, pull over to the nearest roadside. Turn off the engine and wait for 1-2 minutes. Then restart your car. 

It may turn off again. When it does, turn on and off the engine a few times until it runs as usual. Contact your dealer to find out if there’s a major issue in the system.

Problem 2: Inaccurate Voltage Reading

The incorrect battery voltage will be displayed on the EVIC or the Electronic Vehicle Information Center. It is another common issue when you have an eTorque installed. 

The EVIC display might show a lower voltage rating and cause troubling issues when you drive.


You can contact your dealer to resolve the matter. The incorrect voltage reading needs some expert attention. And it may take a while.

Problem 3: The eTorque Unexpectedly Stops Working Or Won’t Turn Off

The eTorque in your Ram truck stops functioning all of a sudden. I know this is frustrating for anyone who owns a truck eTorque for extra towing capacity, and unfortunately, it stops working altogether.

It was a common problem for the previous versions such as in 2021 Ram eTorque, but it’s also showing up on the 2022 Ram version. Mainly the 12-volt battery that runs the eTorque is responsible for this.

The eTorque can also stop working with a fully charged battery. When you don’t use the car for a long time and don’t detach the battery, it can cause battery damage.


First, recharge your battery to see if that works. If not, replace the batteries and see if that changes. Also, keep the battery fully charged. Make sure it is charged when you go for a long drive.

Problem 4: Requires Turning Off The Ac To Operate

It’s another troublesome issue with your 2022 Ram 1500 truck. When you want to tow something, you must turn off the AC and ventilated seats. This is especially disturbing under the scorching summer sun.

When you try to run both systems simultaneously, a display message warns you or tells you the eTorque is not working. You just can’t use the eTorque with the AC running.


It might be an internal issue with the cooling system needing AC rewiring. You may need to turn off the AC to use the tow.

If you’re in an urgent situation and you think you can handle it with proper care, you can have a look. However, it’s best to hand it over to the professionals and contact the dealer.

Problem 5: Engine Stalling

Engine stalling is a terrifying problem in the 2022 Ram eTorque, often followed by an automatic emergency brake. The problem can also happen when you try to accelerate the speed.

The problem is very common in hybrid eTorque systems in the 2022 Ram 1500. This is a terrible situation for any driver in the middle of the road. It’s a different issue than the abrupt shut-off.

When this issue appears, the vehicle might stall randomly in the middle of a highway. More so, the emergency brake engages, making the situation even more difficult to control.


The problem might be in the motor. Often the failed eTorque comes with a pack of loud noises when the engine stalls.

This defective motor may require you to change the eTorque system and replace it with a new one. Reach your dealer for the best solution.

Problem 6: Decreased Towing Capacity

The 2022 Ram truck users have complaints about tow hauling. The vehicle may lose motive power or be stuck in the third gear when you tow something. And the engine might not even restart in this situation. 

You’ll notice a decline in the towing capacity. You could tug a 12,000 lbs trailer behind the truck, but now that becomes difficult even at a reduced weight. So, you cannot get the ultimate benefit of using an eTorque.


It might be an internal software issue. The Ram producers suggest the affected customers update the software or pause the towing feature, whichever seems to be working until it’s solved.

Problem 7: Laggy Acceleration & Break Issue

Besides a weary timing belt, dirty fuel filter, and wrong throttle sensor position, a faulty eTorque can also cause laggy acceleration. It can be very problematic when you are on the highway and can’t accelerate.

The problem becomes even riskier when the brake doesn’t work. There’ve been plenty of complaints about the brake. The eTorque problem seems to come with a brake issue. It suddenly stops working.


With such a major issue, contact the dealer to fix it asap. Even though the problem seems connected to the eTorque, it can be another systematic internal error.

Problem 8: Doesn’t Work In Cold Weather

The 2022 Ram 1500 eTorque seemed not to work in freezing temperatures. The system doesn’t start or turn on if the temperature is near zero. The eTorque battery often doesn’t work in cold weather, which looks like an eTorque issue.


The problem might be in the battery. Replace the battery. If that doesn’t seem to solve the issue, contact the dealer to solve it.

Problem 9: Other Common Symptoms

The Ram truck eTorque problem can cause some side effects. Airbags may not open, the coolant leak, transmission automatically shifts to neutral, and sometimes the exhaust manifold also gets damaged as complications.


These problems need to be fixed as per the symptoms.

Can You Turn Off The eTorque in a Ram Truck?

The eTorque in a Ram Truck can be deactivated when you don’t need it. If you need to use the AC and don’t need to tow anything, you can easily turn off the eTorque function from the dash.

Use the on/off button for eTorque on your dashboard to turn it on and off. But on four-wheel drives, the eTorque button can often be found below the 4WD dash.

However, in the 2022 Ram 1500, customers have given feedback that they cannot turn off the eTorque. It can be a problem in the system.

How Long Does eTorque Last?

The eTorque may last about 80,000 miles or 8 years on average. This number is an estimation and can change based on driving habits, driving frequency, and other factors. And the timeline can extend before you need to replace the eTorque.


Is an eTorque worth it?

So, you want to integrate the eTorque system in your Ram truck? It can be a good decision to save up a few ounces of oil in heavy city driving. The shifts are smoother with it. And its regenerative braking capacity saves your brake wear. So, it’s worth your bucks if you drive frequently and have to stop at red lights more often.


In conclusion, 2022 Ram eTorque problems may constantly interrupt your peaceful driving. This Ram truck seems to have more issues than the previous versions, and you don’t get the best eTorque benefits.

In a situation like this, it is best to contact the dealer or your local service center for further investigation. And you may get a lemon law refund or replacement after several failed service attempts.

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