Ford F250 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price: How Much You Can Get

A catalytic converter is aimed at increasing the health of your car and our environment. As you drive your car, it produces toxic gasses. And a cat converts these harmful gasses into less injurious elements. 

But after ten years or so, it can become clogged and contaminated. 

And at some point, it can no longer be usable. In that case, the best decision would be to sell the device at scrap value. 

It’s easy to need clarification after seeing different numbers at different places. You have to take multiple things into consideration when you are evaluating Ford F-250 catalytic converter scrap price. 

Let’s drive at it!

Ford F250 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price List

What’s the Best Scrap Price for Ford F-250 Catalytic Converter?

A new catalytic converter can be quite expensive. But if you can sell your old cat in scrap, you can save some money. 

But can you sell it at a good price? 

Well, we have good news for you! Ford has the most valuable catalytic converter on the market. That’s why it is essential for you to know the best price before you sell it at a loss. 

Guess what the average 2008 Ford F250 catalytic converter scrap price is $200-$300. But you can get a higher or even a lower price. It depends on various factors. 

What are those? 

Read below.

Factors Affecting Ford Catalytic Converter Scrap Value

OEM VS. Aftermarket

Usually, if the cat scrap is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), you’ll get a significantly higher price. At the same time, the price for an aftermarket cat scrap will be much lower. 

The price range falls between $120-$350 if it’s a ford OEM cat scrap. But it’ll be challenging to get more than $30-$60 if it’s an aftermarket cat scrap. 


The better the condition of the catalytic converter, the more it’s worth. If it’s damaged or has been tampered with, it may be worth less or even worthless.

Engine Size 

Engine size plays a big role in the price. Different Ford models have different types of engines and catalytic converters. 

In general, if the engine is big, the scrap cat will be more valuable. But if the car engine is smaller, you might get a slightly lower price. 

Precious Metals 

These catalytic converters contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. 

The honeycomb of your cat is coated with crazy expensive metals. They are catalysts that can turn toxic elements into less harmful gasses. 

So, the more metal you have, the more expensive your cat will be. 

Outward Appearance

Despite believing in “don’t judge a book by its cover” and all that, your cat’s appearance is essential. 

When you’re trying to sell your converter, the buyers will consider its physical condition. You’ll get a much better price if it’s not visibly rusty and has minimal damage. 

There are more criteria that you need to notice before quoting your price. For example, the lifespan, serial number, model year, etc., are also important. 

How to Get the Best Price for Your Ford Catalytic Converter Scrap? 

If this is the first time you’re planning to sell your scrap cat, you need to know where exactly you need to go. It’s essential for you to know how much a Ford F250 catalytic converter is worth.


Do your research and find out what the current market prices are for the precious metals in your Ford catalytic converter. This will give you an idea of what to expect.

Find a Reputable Recycling Company:

Some people make the mistake of selling their scrap cats to a regular scrapyard at an embarrassingly low price. Even if it’s an OEM scrap cat, they will offer you a very small amount.

You’ll find a much higher price if you go to a core buyer. You should look for someone who has their own business for converters. 

They buy converters and sell them to the company for recycling purposes. 

So it’s wise to look for a reputable recycling company that specializes in catalytic converters. They should have a good reputation and be transparent about their pricing and procedures.

Check for Certifications:

Make sure the recycling company has the necessary certifications and licenses to operate in your area. This will ensure that they are following the proper environmental and safety regulations.

Get Multiple Quotes:

Get multiple quotes from different recycling companies to ensure that you are getting the best price for your scrap Ford catalytic converter.


You have one more option. Internet is your best bidder. You can find various websites on the internet where you can sell your ford scrap cat. 

Unless you go to the right place, you’ll never know how high the Ford catalytic converter scrap value is.

Things to Keep in Mind before Selling a Catalytic Converter

If you don’t want to get scammed, you have to be careful about a few things. 

Let’s look into the list.

Never Take The Honeycomb

You should never take the honeycomb out of the converter. And you might think you can sell it separately for a better price. But you need professional skills for that. Removing it will reduce the value of the converter. The buyers will need to examine the metals to evaluate the scrap cat.

Remember The Extra Long Serial Issues on The Converters

Ford is notorious for their extra-long serial numbers on converters. Their 9-14 digit serial numbers are divided into three sections. If you’re not a specialist yourself, it might be hard for you to read the correct one. It’s advised that you sell all the converter parts at once. It’ll make it easy for the buyer to evaluate its actual value.

Keep The Other information Ready

Knowing your car’s model, year, and various other information will play in your favor. Prices often vary from vehicle to vehicle, model to model, and other things. You must know if the cat is original or not because that might create a huge imbalance in your expected price and offered price. 

Check multiple sources

Never sell it to the first person you talk to. Gather information from various sources. If you decide to sell it to a specialized website on the internet, check if it’s an authentic website. 

Ford Catalytic Converter Scrap Price List

Any catalytic converter is already expensive, but Ford has their own game! The converters of this car brand are the most valuable ones right now. 

The high cost doesn’t just apply to new cats. If you’re planning to sell your old Ford Catalytic Converter in Scrap, you’ll also get a higher price. 

To give you an idea of how much your Ford catalytic converter could be worth, let’s take a look at the Ford Catalytic Converter Scrap Price List

  • Ford F-150: Scrap value of $450 to $550
  • Ford F-250 and F-350: Scrap value of $300 to $600
  • Ford F-450: Scrap value of $450 to $600
  • Ford Mustang: Scrap value of $350 to $650 (higher than other models)
  • Ford Explorer and E-series: Scrap value of $380 to $600 (almost equivalent)
  • Falcon: Scrap value of $450 to over $700 (highest value)
  • Phantom, Lincoln, and Ranger: Scrap value of $320 to nearly $600
  • Taurus and Torpedo: Scrap value of $490 to over $750 (high-value)

Why Are the Catalytic Converters So Valuable? 

You might have heard that many people reported that their catalytic converters had been stolen. They have become an important target for thieves. 

What makes catalytic converters so valuable? 

These catalytic converters are so valuable because they contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. 

And these metals are finite resources, but they are in great demand. They are used in jewelry and also in the electronics industry. 

Because they are so rare, car companies need to pay a high price to use them in their catalytic converters. 

In order to make a profit, they sell these devices to customers at a high price as well. 

Catalytic converters play a great role in minimizing carbon monoxide emissions. Hence, the government has been making it mandatory for car companies to produce cars with effective converters. 

Since they need to manufacture such high-quality automobile parts, they set the price much higher for the customers. 

Signs You Should Scrap Your Ford F250 Catalytic Converter

The job of a converter is to keep your engine’s efficiency and reduce the amount of toxicity and pollutants. 

But when the converter is worn out, you’ll spot a few differences in your car’s performance and other sectors. 

What are the symptoms? 

  • If your catalytic converter is damaged you may encounter DTC P2263, your car engine will also perform slowly as it is its job to keep your car engine efficient.  
  • Your car will release dark exhaust smoke because the converter is not working well to filter them out. 
  • You might notice a very bad smell of sulfur coming from the exhaust gas. Or, it might smell like there’s a rotten egg inside your car. 
  • It’s also possible that more than usual heat will be under your car. You can check that too. 

These symptoms can occur for various other reasons. That’s why it’s best to run it by a mechanic before you jump to conclusions. 

But if you want to know about foolproof methods of testing your converter, read below. 

Test with an Exhaust Back Pressure Gauge 

There’s another effective way to test the state of your converter.  You can measure the pressure in the cat with an exhaust back pressure gauge. 

If the pressure range is higher than normal, it’s proved that your converter has gone bad. 

The average lifespan of a catalytic converter is ten years. After a decade-long performance, it’s not unusual for a converter to stop as good as new. 

And it’s best to scrap your Ford F250 catalytic converter when you have the chance.


Can I sell my Ford catalytic converter as a whole unit, or do I need to remove the precious metals first?

You can sell your Ford catalytic converter as a whole unit. Recycling companies will remove the precious metals themselves.

how many catalytic converters are found in Ford F250

The number of catalytic converters found in a Ford F250 may vary depending on the specific model and year of the vehicle. However, most Ford F250 trucks are equipped with at least two catalytic converters, one for each bank of cylinders in the engine. Some newer models may have additional catalytic converters to comply with stricter emissions regulations.

Final Thoughts 

The catalytic converter is one of the most valuable devices of a car. You can easily get scammed if you don’t know how much the Ford F250 catalytic converter scrap price is before you quote your price to a seller. 

You just need to keep a few things in mind, which would help you estimate the correct value for your scrap cat. You also need to be well aware of who can offer you the best price. 

If you follow the tips I provided you with properly, you’re going to get an excellent deal for your scrap catalytic converter.

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