P1516 Code On Chevy Silverado: symptoms And How To Fix Code p1516

Most car owners, especially those with Chevy Silverado, often get a code P1516. But what does P1516 Code on Chevy Silverado mean? Is that a serious problem? What are the symptoms and causes and how to fix code p1516? These all questions will be answered in this short article.

P1516 code indicates the false throttle body position. The way you turn your steering, press gear, accelerator, and pedals, the Throttle Actuator Controller System doesn’t react that way. Hence, it causes your vehicle to be limp and respond slowly. And this code is like an alert that warns you to fix this problem.

Here’s everything you’ll learn in detail about the problem. And at the end of the article, you’ll get bunches of solutions. So, let’s dive in.

P1516 Code On Chevy Silverado

P1516 Code Chevy Silverado; Everything you Need to Know About

So your CEL (Check Engine Light) is flashing, and you know there might be some malfunction happening with your Chevy Silverado. Using the OBD scanner, you discover that the P1516 code is coming up on your Chevy Silverado; which means that the throttle actuator control module is not performing as it should. When the module stops performing at its peak, the code shows up, and there certainly is something wrong with its position.

When your vehicle starts to limp once in a while, you’ll understand this issue. And there are many reasons why this throttle actuator control module creates problems.

What does Code P1516 Mean on a Chevy Silverado?

There’s an Engine Control Module (ECM) in your vehicle that controls the Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) System. It determines the steering’s movement and calculates the actual response of the throttle. By producing a pulse width modulated voltage, it achieves the positioning of the throttle accurately.

The ECM also has two circuits, which are Motor Control 1 and Motor Control 2. These two circuits monitor the TAC system Data. They determine and execute the throttle control according to how far you push the gas.

These two pieces of equipment take direct control of the throttle and ensure the correct position of TAC according to your steering. But when the position goes wrong, the code shows up. They are placed with the ECM and inspect each other’s data to verify the correct throttle position. When the ECM detects a false TAC position between the predicted and actual conditions, it shows the P1516 code.

Where is the Throttle Actuator Control Module Located?

Between the air intake and the intake manifold, the TAC Module is placed. It’s basically at the top of the engine. You’ll see it under the corner brace on the driver’s side firewall. With the module, there’ll be two connectors—one with ten pins and the other with sixteen pins.

How do you Test a Throttle Actuator Control Module?

Testing the Throttle Actuator Control Module will let you know about its condition. And the process is also a piece of cake. Here’s how you are going to test it.

  • Turn the key on without starting the engine and ensure the throttle is fully closed. It’ll have the fuel line running from it.
  • Put the multimeter probe to its connector’s terminal. Red to the positive and Black to the negative.
  • Now, read the voltage. The voltage should be 1.5 to 2 points.
  • When you open the plate, you’ll see 5 volts to the multimeter.
  • If it doesn’t reach that point, replace it.

What does a Throttle Actuator Control Module do?

In easy words, a Throttle Actuator Control Module is a controller of your vehicle. It gradually slows the engine speed instead of a sudden halt when there’s an immediate release of the accelerator pedal.

According to the intention of your steering and pedals, it works with the engine and keeps its position right. It also helps maintain a certain throttle position when additional strain is put on the machine.

What Causes Code P1516 on Chevy Silverado

The P1516 code is caused by ECM when it detects an unusual throttle position. When the ECM finds the throttle position out of range, it reduces the engine speed for safety. Now, you may ask why the throttle position goes unusual. Here’s why:

  • Inadequate TAC module.
  • Harness of open or shortage TAC module.
  • Poor electrical connection.
  • Water enters the TAC module.
  • Failed throttle body.

Code P1516 Symptoms for Code Silverado

Code P1516 usually turns the check engine light on. As it affects the Throttle position, it slows the vehicle slow. Here are more symptoms you may experience with this issue.

  • Shows the check engine light.
  • Appears to be problems accelerating the vehicle.
  • The vehicle starts bucking and surging.
  • Poor fuel economy.
  • The pedals stop working as the throttle stops responding.
  • The engine power decreases.

How to Fix this Code P1516 Problem

Look for its causes and then approach accordingly. Sometimes a little reason won’t cost you big money. However, replacing the throttle body is the most expensive and effective solution. Here’s what else you can do to fix this problem.

Restart the Vehicle

Sometimes only restarting the vehicle does the work. If electronics fail, the restarting process with the key off will fix the problem. All you need to do is wait 20 seconds and restart the car again. The code will go away on its own.

Fix Wire Damage

Sometimes the problem starts with loose or damaged wire. When observing the throttle, if you notice any faulty wire, you may not need to replace the whole throttle body, and thus, it will save you money.

Just tighten the loose wire or if there’s any damage, replace it. It won’t take more than a couple of moments.

Fix Blade Issue

If the issue is related to the blade, you may not need to replace the whole throttle body. First, take a close look at the blade to see if it’s returning to its resting place. If it’s not returning, then change the blade.

The best way to determine this problem is the engine will seem dead while letting the gas off after coming down from a higher speed or acceleration.

Reset the Throttle Actuator Controller System

Resetting the Throttle Actuator Controller System will be a good move if your vehicle is old. It’s tricky and an effective way to go. To do this, first, ensure the accelerator is released totally. Then turn the engine on and turn it off again. Wait at least ten to twenty seconds

While waiting, observe the throttle’s valve moving and try to listen to if there’s any sound. If it moves and creates sound, then the process is done.

Replace the Throttle Body

If you don’t find any issue behind Code P1516, you have to change the throttle body. It’s the complete solution that’ll fix this problem once it for all. To do this, follow our instructions below:

  1. Detach the vacuum hoses from the throttle body.
  2. Then remove the throttle position sensor.
  3. Now remove all the screws that hold the throttle body, lift the old gasket, and set the new one.
  4. Ensure all the hoses, sensors and cables are tightened correctly, and the gasket combines accurately like the old one.

7 Other Things That will Fix the Code P1516 Problem without Changing the Throttle Body

As replacing a Throttle body is money consuming, you may try these given tricks once a time. If the causes are related to the solution below, you may save yourself money and easily fix the problem.

  • Replacement of TAC module.
  • Repairing the TAC module harness.
  • Fix the electronic connection in the module’s circuits.
  • Remove water from the connector.
  • Ensure the ground wire behind the engine doesn’t block the passenger side.
  • Repair binding or failed throttle body if required.
  • Check the throttle body plate to see whether it’s stuck with dirt. Sometimes dirt becomes the culprit to this problem.

Is Code P1516 a Serious Issue for Chevy Silverado

The code P1516 is an issue of communication between the throttle response and the intended response of a driver. So, certainly, it’s a serious case as the communication leads the vehicle and keeps the performance regular.

But when this issue occurs, it affects the performance of your vehicle. And if it doesn’t get fixed immediately, it causes severe problems.

What does Code P1516 Mean on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

The meaning of the code P1516 Chevy Silverado 2003 remains the same for this model. In fact, this is the issue that mainly occurs with the Silverado model of 2003. Basically, this P1516 is a sensor that scans the throttle position. It’s much like a car’s computer that prevents the vehicle from going overdriven by alerting. Two circuits determine and execute the throttle control according to how far you push the gas. These two pieces of equipment take direct control of the throttle and ensure the correct position of TAC according to your steering. But when the position goes wrong, the code shows up.

How Much Is It Cost To Fix Code P1516 Problem?

The P1516 code problem requires complete body replacement of the throttle, which costs between 300 to 500 dollars. And if the issue is with the sensor, it’ll cost at least 250$. Plus there’ll be a charge of the technician. Overall, it’ll bang for the buck.


As the P1516 Code Chevy Silverado happens, you get a warning with a Reduced Engine Speed sign. Those who didn’t experience this before don’t understand what to do. But as you know why this happens and what step should be taken, you better not waste time.

Since the problem can cause major harm to your vehicle, your best course is to follow our guidelines carefully and take steps accordingly. If anything you face fixing the problem, let us know in the comment box.

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