8 Best Cold Air Intake For 5.7 Hemi Charger: An Unbiased Review

There are several different modifications you can make to your 5.7 Hemi to improve its performance. And while some may end up costing you a ton of money, installing a cold air intake is not one of them. 

Installing a new cold air intake is a relatively straightforward process. However, for the best results, you need to find the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi charger. There are countless options available on the market, and in this article, we will be looking at the best cold air intake for dodge charger.

We picked the below 8 cold air intakes for the Hemi based on how well they fit into the 5.7 Hemi charger engine, the quality of their air filters, and the shape and size of the intake chamber.

A Quick View Of Our Top Picks

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Best Cold Air Intake For 5.7 Hemi Charger

Types of Air Intake Systems

There are two main types of cold air intake systems, open and closed box air intakes. These two differ in their design but largely do the same thing.

Open Cold Air Intake System

These types of intake feature an open-box design. This means the inner parts of the intake, such as the filter, are open and exposed. This helps allow more air to flow through the intake. As a result, open air intake produces a better intake sound.

Closed Air Intake System

This type of air intake system has the air intake encased inside an air box. The air enters the intake via small holes in the air box. Since they are enclosed, these types of air intakes have cooler air, which leads to better performance.

Which is Better, Closed or Open Air Intake?

A closed air intake offers better performance and protection from hydrolocking than open air system. The only area where open air intake seems to be better than closed one is in the sound department. 

Due to the enclosed nature of closed air intake, they offer a better improvement in horsepower. Also, when you drive over puddles, it is less likely for water to enter the engine via the closed air intake, causing hydrolock. 

Open air intakes are easier to install compared to close ones. However, this is not enough to outweigh the performance benefits of a closed air intake.

Advantages of A Cold Air Intake in a 5.7 Hemi

Improved Power

A cold air intake allows for more airflow into the engine, which translates to more power. Installing a cold air intake can help improve Hemi’s horsepower. The improvement can be anywhere from 3 to 5HP. Not a lot, but for an inexpensive component such as a cold air intake, it is something.

Fuel Economy

Better fuel economy is another benefit you will get from installing a cold air intake. Your Dodge charger may get an improvement of between 0.1 to 0.5MPG. This is not a lot, but in the long run, it could add up to a lot of savings.

Better Sound

One of the main reasons most people look to install a cold air intake is to get a more racy sound from their engines. A cold air intake will result in an awesome sounding engine. This will be especially so for open air cold intakes.

Improved Throttle and Acceleration

With improved airflow to the combustion chamber, you will notice improved throttle and acceleration. The improvement will not be as great as making pricier modifications, but it is something considering the price of the modification.

Works well With Other Modifications

A cold air intake install can help complement other modifications. It can be a good complement to a turbocharger upgrade. Or when you install a larger throttle body or intercooler.

An Inexpensive Option

Compared to other modifications, installing a cold air intake is inexpensive and easy to do. It is something you can do at home.

Is a Tune Necessary After Installing A Cold Air Intake

Tuning your car after a cold air intake installation is optional. The horsepower gain is not significant enough to warrant an expensive tuning after installing a cold air intake.

The Best Cold Air Intake For 5.7 Hemi Charger

AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Kit Systems with Heat Shield

The AF Dynamic Black cold air filter intake is designed for the 2011 to 2017 300C Dodge Challenger and Charger models. It is a cold air intake built largely with aluminum and stainless steel. Let’s see what you can expect from this cold air intake.

Washable filter

The silver filter on this intake kit is washable and reusable. As such, you do not have to keep replacing it. In terms of a performance boost, we did notice a little boost to the performance of the 2016 Charger we installed this into.

All Parts Included

This cold air intake comes with all the parts needed to install it. Inside the package, we received were washers, locknuts, band clamps, silicone coupler, elbow, and hoses. The silicone coupler, elbow, and hoses have a better build quality than the rubber parts found in some other cheaper cold air intakes.

Aluminum Pipe

The main pipe that connects to the filter is made of aluminum. It has a nice black coat finish. But the best part about this pipe is the heatshield. The pipe is excellent at reducing the impact of engine heat on the cold air flowing through it. 

The bad About AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Kit Systems

There are a couple of things we did not like about this cold air intake, though. Firstly, the instructions could be clearer, which makes installation a pain. Secondly, we had to make some adjustments to make the cold air intake fit. And for most vehicles, fabrication will be needed.


The fabrication needed is minor, though, and overall, this cold air intake filter was an improvement on the stock filter on the Charger. Thus despite its minor cons, it does deserve a spot on our list of the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi.

Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake System with Heat Shield Kit

This cold air intake is compatible with the 2011 to 2021 Dodge challenger, Charger, and Chrysler. It comes as a kit with all the necessary hardware included in the package meaning there are no additional components to purchase.

All Included Parts

In the package, you get the cold air intake alongside other components. The components you get include vacuum hoses, reducers, couplings, and a heat shield kit. It would have been better if the couplings were made of silicone instead of rubber, though. 

Washable Filter

Like most other modern air filters designed for cold air intake, the black filter on this one is a dry filter. You do not need to oil it, all you need to do is wash it with water and soap and let it dry, and you can reuse it. The manufacturer recommends checking the filter every 5,000 miles.

Easy Installation

The installation process isn’t complicated and is something we were able to do with a screwdriver, pliers, and a ratchet set. It took about 90 minutes to get the intake system installed.

The bad

This cold air intake has some aspects we did not like, though. The first is that it does not fit properly, while the couplings are bigger than the throttle body. This made the installation awkward. Also, as we mentioned, the couplings are made of rubber, which isn’t the best material for couplings


It will not have a noticeable impact on your fuel economy, but it does open up the car, something that you will notice after installation. Also, it does give your car a more aggressive sound. For its price, it is a nice kit to install for a more aggressive sound.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance

K&N is a well-known brand in the cold air intake market. And its cold air intake kit designed for the 2005 to 2015 Dodge Challenger, Charger, and magnum models is one of the best. So how does it stack up, and is it worth its $300 plus price tag? Let’s find out.

Intake Tube Options

This cold air intake comes with either a Polyethylene or a metal tube. We chose the one with the Polyethylene tube. Polyethylene, as a material, is able to stay cooler for longer compared to metal, which is why we picked this option. They both have a nice black coat finish.

Washable Filter

The unmistakable red cone filter found on K&N cold air intake is washable and draws in plenty of cold air. The one on this cold air intake kit has 4 layers of oiled cotton made from pliable rubber flanges.

Improved acceleration

We installed this on a 2013 Dodge charger and did notice an improvement in its acceleration. With the intake installed, it took about 5.8 seconds, which was down from 6.3 seconds. It also results in a more aggressive sound from the engine.

The bad

Despite its good reputation, this cold air intake is not without its cons. For starters, the installation instructions need to be clarified. This makes installation challenging. 


This is one of the best intakes for 5.7 Hemi on the market. When you install it, you will notice a difference in the throttle response and get a more aggressive sound. And it should help your engine breathe better.

Flowmaster 615105 05-19 Performance Air Intake

The Flowmaster 615105 performance air intake is another that is built for performance. It is designed for the 2005 to 2019 5.7 Hemi charger as well as the 6.1L. The intake is very well-built, with a washable and reusable filter.

Excellent construction

All the parts in this cold air intake are made from high-quality materials. You get reinforced silicone couplers and stainless steel attachment rings. The tube is made from Polyethylene, which is able to stay cooler for longer than metal. The heat shield has a powder coating that blends in well with the black-coated pipe.

Washable Filter

The red filter is encased within the heat shield and is an 8-layer cotton gauze filter. It also comes with an included pre-filter wrap. This helps trap dirt and other debris. The filter is washable and can thus be reused severally.

Improved performance

But how does it impact performance? Well, we installed it on a 2017 5.7L Charger and noticed an improvement in acceleration. With the intake, it took the engine 5.2 seconds for the engine to get from 0 to 60, down from 5.7 seconds.

The bad

There aren’t a lot of negatives to speak of with this cold air intake. However, we did notice that the filter requires frequent washing, which can get annoying. Also, we have yet to notice a change in fuel economy with this intake installed.


In terms of overall performance, though, it gives the engine a little boost in terms of acceleration. The sound it produces is also good. As such, this is still a great option for the 5.7 Hemi.

Airaid Cold Air Intake System: Increased Horsepower

The Airaid cold air intake system is compatible with the 2011 to 2022 Chrysler and Dodge challenger and charger models. This includes the 300, 300C, and 300S models. It is claimed to have an aerodynamically designed tube that increases airflow. Let’s see what it offers in terms of performance.

Improved airflow

This cold air intake is installed in the same location as the stock air intake. In this position, it utilizes a big open-air inlet that draws in plenty of air. This air inlet is protected with cold air dam panels—this help to provide a steady flow of cold air into the engine.

Reusable air filter

It comes with a red air filter made from a less restrictive cotton material that offers better filtration than the paper filters found in stock intakes. It comes in two options, oiled and non-oiled dry filter. The latter is recommended for hot and dusty terrains, while the oiled option is best for street driving.

Legal and good performance

This cold air intake is CARB exempt and legal in California. In terms of performance, it did have an impact on acceleration, reducing the time from 0 to 100 from 15 to 14 seconds. You also get a noticeable deep and mean sound from the engine when you floor the throttle.

The cons

The filter is flimsy compared to what we have seen on other intakes. It is easy to bend it while cleaning. Some people have also complained that it needs to fit properly into their cars. 


This is still an excellent choice for the 5.7 Hemi. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and you will notice a slight improvement in your car’s acceleration after installing this cold air intake. 

MOOSUN Intake Pipe Perfit Formance Cold Air Intake Kit with Filter

The Moosun Intake pipe perfit cold air intake is designed for the 2005 to 2010 Dodge challenger and charger 300 series. It is compatible with both the 5.7L and 6.1 L engines. Compared to some of the other options on the list, it is quite cheap. So how does it fair against its pricier competitors?

Dry Air Filter

This cold air intake sports a dry air filter. This filter comes in a variety of color options, including blue, red, and black. The intake we reviewed had a red filter. The filter is washable, and you can easily wash it with water and soap. Cleaning may be required after every 5000 miles, so it’s a good idea to check it after 5000 miles.

Silicone components

One of the things that surprised us about this cold air intake was the silicone components. The couplers and tube seals on this intake are made of this material. Silicone is a better option for cold air intake parts than rubber as it is more tear resistant and can withstand high temperatures better than traditional rubber.

Ease of Installation

The installation was relatively straightforward, and we were able to install it without any problems. The only thing worth mentioning is that the heat shield is heavier than it looks. However, this is a good thing.

The cons

For its price, we did expect some negatives with this cold air intake kit. And sure enough, there are several things that could be improved. First is the aluminum tube portion, which we found to be a bit too short. It is likely that the tube will wiggle out of the clamps. Also, the elbow is rather thin and does not look like it will hold up very well.


Should you buy this Moosun Intake pipe perfit cold air intake? If you want an inexpensive option for adding a more aggressive sound to your car, this will be a great option. Though it has a few kinks here and there, for the price, it’s hard to complain.


The performance short RAM air intake is another inexpensive option for the 2005 to 2010 Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Magnum Chrysler models. This option is compatible with the 5.7L Hemi and the 6.1L SRT V8 engines.

Easy to install

This cold air intake does not come with a heat shield surrounding the filter. This means it might not be the best option for most, but it also means it is easy to install. Compared to the other intakes on the list, this was perhaps the easiest to install.

Good quality

For such an inexpensive intake, this one is well-built. It features a red filter with a silver tube. The elbow is made of rubber and has a hole for the MAF sensor. This is a nice addition.

Washable filter

Similar to the other intakes on the list, the red filter on this cold air intake is washable and reusable. It is also relatively lightweight compared to other intakes.

The cons

For such a cheap option, expect the manufacturers to have cut some corners. For one, this does not have a heat shield. Also, most of its parts, such as the elbow, are made of plastic, which isn’t as good as silicone.


This is a cheap cold air intake for those on a tight budget. It will improve the airflow of your engine, but don’t expect any miracles with this installed. Nevertheless, it is a nice and inexpensive component to add for better throttle response and deep sound.


The next option from Intake Kai is built for the 2005 to 2010 Dodge challenger, charger magnum, and Chrysler 300 series. As for engine compatibility, it is compatible with the 5.7L Hemi and the 6.1L SRT V8 engines.

Designed for Charger Hemis

This cold air intake fits perfectly on the Charger Hemi with a 5.7 L engine. It comes with other components included. This includes the couplers and elbow, as well as a black air filter that is about 5 inches in diameter.

Inexpensive Option

Compared to the likes of the K&N, this is one of the cheapest cold air intakes on the market. So if you want a basic cold air intake without having to spend a lot of money, this is for you. It is good enough for most people.

Decent improvement

The filter is washable and will help your engine breathe a little better. With this installed on a 2010 Charger, we did notice a slight improvement in throttle response. The motor sound was also deeper and more aggressive.

The cons

As you would expect for such an inexpensive option, this cold air intake has some drawbacks. For one, it does not come with an instructions manual, making it a bit difficult to install. The 90-degree rubber elbow of this intake is also very thick and may not hold up very well. 


This is another cheap cold air intake for the 5.7 Hemi that you can install and enjoy the benefits of a cold air intake without having to invest a lot of money.

How To Find Out The Best Cold Air Intake For Dodge Charger

What features should you look at when shopping for the best cold air intake for a dodge charger? There are a number of features to consider. And if you are looking for the best cold air intake for a 5.7 Hemi challenger instead, you can read our buying guide here.

The Air Filter

The air filter is an important component of a cold air intake system. The purpose of this filter is to filter out dirt and other debris in the air from entering the engine. And as you would expect, over time, this filter will become clogged up with dirt and other particles.

A washable air filter will only require washing to get rid of this dirt to be reused. Thus for ease of use, go for a cold air intake with a washable air filter. The air filter also needs to be made of cotton, not paper, as cotton is better at absorbing vibrations and filtering out dirt and other particles.

Air Intake Tubing

Another important component of a cold air intake is the air intake tube. This is responsible for directing air into the engine. The best cold air intake tube is made from a material known as Polyethylene. This material is able to keep air cooler for longer than metal. Thus it is wise to choose a cold air intake with a tube made from this material. 

Construction Materials

Cold air intake feature several other components in addition to the filter and tube. Some of these smaller components are also important such as the couplers and elbow. The material used to make these components also matters. Ideally, you want a cold air intake with components made from silicone, not rubber. Silicone is better at withstanding high temperatures than rubber. 


The cold air intake you choose should be one designed to fit your specific car model and engine type. For the 5.7 L Hemi, you obviously want to check that an air intake is compatible with the engine before buying it. 

Heat Shield

A heat shield is a component installed in a cold air intake that protects the filter and other parts from the extreme heat of the engine compartment. This is an important component to have in a cold air intake as it prolongs the life of the intake. 


Some cold air intakes are harder to install than others. It is hard to know if a cold air intake is easy or hard to install, though. The best way is to read online reviews to know what was the experience of other users.

The size

The size of the filter may also determine the efficiency of the cold air intake. A larger filter will offer a bigger surface area for more air to flow in. Most aftermarket cold air intakes will have a filter with a diameter of 5 inches.


The prices of cold air intakes vary from as little as $50 all the way to $300 plus. Cheaper intakes lack some of the features found on pricier cold air intakes. But if you are on a budget, you can find good quality options for less than $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will installing a cold air intake void my car’s warranty?

No, the only way a manufacturer can void your warranty is if they are able to prove that the cause of the repair has something to do with the addition of a cold air intake.

Will a cold air intake make my car louder?

Yes, the sound of your car will be louder and more aggressive after you install a cold air intake. This is especially when you rev up the car.

Is installing a cold air intake time consuming

It depends on the type of intake you are installing, and some can take a few hours to install. On average, you can spend anywhere from 1 to 2 hours on the installation.

How much HP can I expect from a K&N cold air intake installation?

A cold air intake will give your car an improved HP output of about 3 to 5HP.

Are there special tools required to install a cold air intake

Not really; the process can be done with basic tools such as pliers, ratchets, and other such tools. 

How much horsepower will a cold air intake add?

The improvement in horsepower from a cold air intake install varies. However, it is between 3 to 5 HP.


If you want to save money on modifications, you can purchase and install a cold air intake and enjoy the benefits of installing one. Cold air intakes will not have a drastic impact on your car’s performance, but they will help it breathe better, which is a plus.

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