8 Best Cold Air Intake For 5.7 Hemi Challenger

Want to make your truck’s 5.7 Hemi engine breathe better and improve its fuel efficiency but don’t want to spend a ton of money on costly mods? Why not swap out the stock air intake with an aftermarket cold air intake?  

Installing a cold air intake will make your engine breathe better and be more fuel-efficient, meaning fewer trips to the gas station. As an added bonus, a cold air intake will give your Challenger an excellent engine sound. 

This article has compiled a list of the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi challenger. We have also included a buying guide on what to look for when buying a cold air intake. But before that here is a quick view of our top picks.

A Quick View Of Our Top Picks

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Number one on our list is the Mopar 77070044AC Cold Air Intake. It was incredibly easy to install and is specifically designed for the 5.7 hemi. Its cone-shaped blue filter is miles ahead of the paper filters of the stock intake. It sucks in plenty of cold air, and the intake sound when you rev it is awesome.

Position two goes to the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance. It offers 50% more airflow than the factory intake to help your engine breathe better. It is also easy to maintain, requiring a cleaning after 100,000 miles.

Best Cold Air Intake For 5.7 Hemi Challenger

Symptoms Of A Faulty Cold Air Intake In Your 5.7 Hemi Challenger

Before diving into the reviews, it is essential to discuss faulty cold air intake symptoms. This way, you are able to know if you need to replace your existing cold air intake. 

Poor engine performance:

A faulty cold air intake will lead to the engine performing more poorly than usual. This is usually caused by the engine air filter clogging up, which the cold air intake uses. The result will be poor fuel efficiency and decreased engine power and speed. If you notice your truck isn’t accelerating as it used to, or you are spending more time at the gas station, it may be time to replace the cold air intake. 

Engine stalling:

A leak in the cold air intake manifold will lead to insufficient air for the air-fuel mixture. This will lead to the engine not running correctly or having a rough idle. Engine stalling can occur due to a bad spark plug; if the problem is occurring for the spark plug you can consider checking these best spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi review.

Noises From The Engine:

When you hear strange noises from the engine, it may be because of a leak in the cold air intake. Most commonly, you will hear a whistling sound when there is a leakage in the cold air intake.

Poor acceleration:

A faulty cold air intake will lead to poor engine performance, meaning it will not hit its usual peak speeds. Thus a faulty intake can also manifest in poor acceleration.

Higher Fuel Consumption:

A leak in the cold air intake will cause inefficient air to fuel mixture, which will mean the engine will require more fuel. This will, in turn, mean higher fuel consumption.

Check engine light is on:

When the check engine light is on, it means there is a problem with the engine, and this problem can be a faulty cold air intake. 

Benefits of Upgrading Your Cold Air Intake

So should you install a cold air intake in your Dodge Challenger truck? Here are a few reasons why installing a cold air intake for a 5.7 Hemi charger or in challenger is a good idea.

  • More engine power: The cold air intake brings cool air into the internal combustion system allowing for more efficient fuel burning. This increases oxygen combustion rate translating into more horsepower.
  • Fuel efficiency: A cold air intake will increase airflow into the combustion chamber. This means an improved air to fuel ratio, which in turn means the more air, the less fuel being burned, which improves fuel efficiency.
  • Improved acceleration: cold air is denser than warm air; thus, installing a cold air intake will result in more air for combustion. This will improve your vehicle’s acceleration, and you will be able to reach your desired speeds faster.
  • Better filters: The disposable paper filters found in the stock intake are inferior compared to the sturdier filters available on a cold air filter. These filters can be cleaned after every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, making them a better long-term option.

How to Install Cold Air Intake

To replace your stock air intake with a cold air intake, you will need

  • a ratchet,
  • a flathead, and
  • a Phillips screwdriver.

The first thing to do is remove the sensor attached to the stock air tube. Next, use the screwdriver to remove the hose clamp of the stock air tube on the throttle body.

Then remove the three Philips screws that hold the air intake top.

Once this is done, you will be able to lift the top part of the air intake with the intake tube. You should now see the stock air filter at the bottom part of the air intake; remove this part as well.

Now to install the cold air intake start by installing the tube and attaching the sensor to the cold air intake air tube. Ensure the tube is flush and secured to the throttle body using the clamps.

Finally install the cold air intake body, and attach it to the intake tube. Tighten the screws that hold the top part in place of the hose clamp.

How do I keep water out of my cold air intake?

There are several ways to keep water out of your cold air intake. The three best ways to do so are;

  1. Avoid driving through puddles: when it rains, drive slowly and avoid driving through puddles of still rainwater, as this can damage your engine. 
  2. Use a hydro shield: You can install a hydro shield over the intake filter. Hydro shields are made from polyester mesh and cover the entire filter. These shields can get you through unavoidable shallow puddles of water.
  3. Use a bypass valve: A bypass valve is installed to protect the engine from hydro locking if the intake is submerged in water, which will be rare. However, you can still use it to protect the intake from water.

Review Of Top 8 Best Cold Air Intake For 5.7 Hemi Challenger

The cold air intake is one of the most essential parts of any car and below we have reviewed the 8 best cold air intakes for 5.7 Hemi Challenger that will help you find the best one for your car.

Mopar 77070044AC Cold Air Intake

The Mopar 77070044AC cold air intake is designed to be compatible with the 5.7 Hemi engine. Thus it will take up the exact same space as the factory intake. Also, it uses the same mounting points and holes, but how does it perform?

We installed this on a 2015 Challenger RT Plus immediately noticed the difference. Firstly, it makes the Challenger sound more aggressive. Secondly, it was pretty easy to install, and it took us about 15 minutes to get it installed.

It keeps the intake temperature at 10 degrees over the ambient temperature. The throttle response was also a little quicker than with the factory intake. And it does look great under the hood as well, especially the airbox with the black textured finish. 

We did not like the gasket that goes on top of the airbox. It looks weird on the corners and bends of the airbox. Also, the intake is more on the pricier side. But these were the only notable things that we did not like about this Mopar intake.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance

Some of the best aftermarket intakes are produced by K&N., So it is no surprise that we had to include an intake from the company on our list. The intake we settled on for this honor is the 57-1592 Cold Air Intake Kit.

This intake is designed for the 2011-2019 Dodge/Chrysler challenger and charger V8 models. We swapped the factory intake on a 2014 Dodge Charger RT for this one. There was definitely a difference in horsepower output.

Also, the intake sound it makes when you press on the gas is impressive, and so is the exhaust sound. The throttle response was quicker and better than that of the factory intake. We have noticed an improvement in terms of fuel efficiency from 15-17 MPG to 19-20 MPG.

We could have put things as our top choice, but it has a lot of fitment issues. While it did fit nicely on the 2014 Charger RT, it does not fit well in most other models. Most users have complained that it is too big for their cars and requires modifications. This is something to note when buying this dodge challenger k&n cold air intake.

Airaid AIR-350-210 Cold Air Intake System: Increased Horsepower

The Airaid cold air intake system has a simple design and is relatively easy to install. It is designed to fit the 2011-209 Dodge/Chrysler 300, 300c, 300s challenger, and charger models. It is also not as pricey as other options.

It produces a snarly sound on higher revs. The sound is not as high on low RPMs, though. As for the installation, it was pretty straightforward on a 392 Challenger Skat-Pack. The instructions on the instructions manual are easy to follow.

It took around 40 minutes to get it installed. There was a slight improvement in the throttle response. The bassier sound this intake produces sounds fantastic, and some people have actually bought it for the sound alone.

While the installation was easy, we wish the instructions were printed in color. Other than this, it is an excellent intake for its price. Overall, it is one of the best cold air intake for challenger scat pack.

K&N 1542 Cold Air Intake Kit

Another K&N cold air intake we felt we had to include on the list is the K&N 1542 cold air intake kit. It is street legal in all 50 states and fits the 2005 -2015 Dodge/Chrysler challenger, charger, magnum 300V v8 models.

When installed, this intake produces a fantastic sound when accelerating. There is also a noticeable increase in acceleration. It is more of a one-size-fits-all kind of intake, and the installation may vary depending on the vehicle.

It took about 2 hours to install it into a 2013 RT AWD charger. In terms of fuel efficiency, there is a slight improvement of about 1MPG. The intake also looks great under the hood and will improve the throttle response.

What we really did not like about this intake kit was the installation. It does not fit quite right, and it is a lot of work trying to get it to fit. This may be because it is designed to fit multiple different models, though.

aFe Power 54-12162-C Cold Air Intake System

No products found.
No products found.

The aFe power 54-12162-c cold air intake is quite pricey. However, it is one of the best cold air intake for challenger rt for those who don’t mind the price. It has a nice matte black finish, which makes it look great under the hood.

The air filter of this intake is significantly better than that of the stock intake. The filter is made of 5 layers of washable cotton gauze. This allows for better airflow, which allows for a great sound at higher RPMs.

As for the intake temperature, it gets to 5-6 degrees above the ambient temperature. Overall, it is a very well-made intake that should improve the throttle response on your Dodge Charger.

The installation is a bit problematic, though. On a 21 Dodge charger, the crant tube male is bigger than the factory intake hose. So you may need a connector and a clamp to make it work. Also, it is pretty pricey and may not be for everyone.

JLT Performance Series II Cold Air Intake CAI2-DH57-11

The JLT performance series II is designed for the new Charger models and is designed to fit the 2011-2020 Challenger Charger 300c 5.7I Hemi. This 2020 dodge challenger sxt cold air intake will be a significant upgrade over the stock intake.

It comes with washable and reusable oil filters, which will be an upgrade on the stock filters. The filter is an S&B 5×7 inch filter that is coned shape. It has an open bell tower top that is great at sucking in more cold air.

Given its oil filter, it is better at filtering particles and debris entering than dry filters. Though it does require a bit more maintenance. The filter tubing you get with this intake has a 5-inch opening and will do a better job of sucking in more cold air than the factory tubing. 

Its matte black finish looks sleek, with the JLT logo imprinted on it. And we like the fact that the logo is subtle and not flashy. We also loved the roto-molded heat shield, which we prefer over metallic heat shields. In our experience, metallic heat shields don’t do an excellent job of shielding excess heat from the engine block. 

Overall, the parts of these air intakes are very well made, including the coupler made of rubber. However, since it’s an oil filter, it may not be a great option if you live in more dry environments and require more maintenance.

aFe Power 54-72202 Performance Air Intake System

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The aFe power 54-72202 performance air intake is a closed top intake with a hellcat airlight inlet. This allows it to suck air through the headlight of the car. One of the first things you will notice is how elegant and sleek the intake looks.

Honestly, this is one of the best-looking cold air intakes on the market. It has a transparent glass hole on top that lets you see the inside of the filter. When installed, you will notice slight performance on the engine.

It does feel that the intake is sucking in more cold air. The exhaust sound is also louder with this intake installed on the Challenger RT. There is also a noticeable sound from the front when you hit high RPMs.

In terms of installation, it does come with an instructions manual. However, we wish the manual’s instructions were in color. Also, it is a bit difficult to see the parts that need to be changed.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Increase Horsepower

This K&N cold air intake is built for the 2005-2011 Dodge/Chrysler Challenger, Charger, Magnum, 300, 300C, 300S models. Its cone-shaped filter does offer improved airflow over the stock intake. 

You will need a dyno to check the horsepower improvement. What is noticeable, though, is the throttle response, which was improved. It also produces a louder sound from the engine at higher RPMs.

We had this installed on a 2011 R/T Charger, and there has been a slight improvement in mileage. The installation was pretty simple, and it took about 40 minutes. In addition, the throttle response is a lot quicker.

While the installation was pretty straightforward, the instructions could be more precise. For example, it wasn’t clear where each bolt went. Overall, though, this is a significant cold air intake and should make your car louder at higher RPMs. 

How To Choose The Best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

When shopping for the best cold air intake for dodge challenger, you will need to consider a couple of things. The factors to consider are; 


Aftermarket cold air filters are designed to fit different vehicle models before settling on one check to see whether it is compatible with your vehicle model. In some cases, it may be compatible but require some modifications.

Some intakes are larger than the factory intake. It will be challenging to install, so it is always recommended to go for an air intake designed to fit your vehicle model.

The filter

A cold air intake filter will be reusable, unlike the disposable paper filters that come in most factory intakes. When it comes to the filter, there are two types: dry and oiled. Dry air filters do not require as much maintenance as oiled ones.

However, oiled ones are better at trapping debris and other particles. Though oiled filters tend to get clogged up quickly in hot and dry conditions. Thus a dry filter in such conditions will be better. 

For most people, though, an oiled filter will be sufficient. The only thing to note is that you will need to re-oil it every time you wash it for re-use. 

Air intake housing

The air intake housing can either be open or closed. An open housing will be better at facilitating the movement of cold air into the filter. The housing can also be made of roto-molded plastic or metals such as aluminum.

Roto-molded plastic is better at holding cold air and shielding against excess heat from the engine. Thus they tend to be better than metal intake housings. Most of the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi challenger are made from roto-molded plastic.

Intake tube

The cold air intake tube needs to be bigger than the factory intake. Typically most will be 5 inches. The bigger the tube, the more cold air can pass through it. However, the intake tube needs to be able to fit into the OEM throttle body connection.

Ease of installation

How easy a cold air intake is to install will depend on a couple of things. The first is whether the intake is compatible with your vehicle model. The second is whether the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a cold air intake do for a 5.7 Hemi challenger?

A cold air intake will allow the 5.7 Hemi challenger engine to breathe better by providing more cold air into the engine. This also translates to a more efficient air to fuel ratio, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

Will it be wise to choose an aftermarket cold air intake system over the OEM one?

Yes, aftermarket cold air intake is typically made from polymers or aluminum that are less heat-sensitive than the sheet metal used in OEM systems. This means lower temperature for the air flowing into the throttle body; cold air intakes also have better, reusable filters than the paper filters used in OEM systems.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a 5.7 Hemi?

A cold air intake can add up to 14 HP to your 5.7 Hemi and 19 ft pounds of torque.

Can a cold air intake ruin my engine?

Yes, if not installed properly and regularly maintained, small pieces of the filter tear and enter the engine.

Do you need to tune your car after cold air intake?

No, you do not need to tune your car after installing a cold air intake. You can install a new exhaust that works better with the cold air intake, but this will be your personal preference.

Will a cold air intake change the sound of my car?

Yes, a cold air intake will result in a more aggressive and louder engine sound, especially at higher RPMs and a louder exhaust sound.

Is it wrong to drive in the rain with a cold air intake?

For the most part, it is safe to drive in the rain with a cold air intake installed. You may experience problems when driving through deep puddles, though.


Installing a cold air intake will be an inexpensive way of giving your car an upgrade. There are many aftermarket cold air intakes on the market. However, not all are designed for the 5.7 Hemi engine. So if you are looking for the best cold air intake for 5.7 hemi, you can’t go wrong with the 8 above.

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