Top 3 Best Ball Joints For Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 4×4

Have you noticed a clunking noise coming from under your Dodge RAM 2500 when driving? If so, it could be time to replace the ball joints. Ball joints are a vital component of your vehicle. They allow you to steer, change direction and pivot the wheels. Luckily, there are some excellent aftermarket best ball joints for dodge ram 2500.

A joint that is failing will make more noise and wear than one that is in good condition. Ball Joints deteriorate with age and miles on them, which causes the metal balls inside the joint to fall out or become loose. This can lead to an expensive repair bill if not addressed early enough.

There are a lot of factors to consider when searching for the best ball joints. The first thing you should do is identify your vehicle’s make and model, year, engine type, drive axle configuration, suspension type, and so on. You can also use this article as a guide in finding the right part for your RAM 2500.

Our top pick for dodge ram 2500 is the

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

. These are made from the highest quality materials coated with an anti-corrosive finish. Carli has a reputation for being one of the best manufacturers in the automotive industry, so it makes sense that they would be our top pick.

The next ball joint we recommend is the


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

. These are made from high-quality materials and have a superior engineering design that helps prolong the life of your ball joint. Dynatrac has been around for decades, so you know they’re doing something right at this point.

What Are Ball Joints

Ball joints are the components of a vehicle suspension system that allow easy movement in all directions. They serve to keep the wheels and axles perpendicular to the vehicle’s frame and enable them to pivot up and down around an axis. Ball joints connect the steering knuckle to the control arm and allow articulation of the wheel relative to the lower arm.

Ball joints for dodge ram 2500 allow the suspension of a vehicle to move up and down, side-to-side and rotate within their different axes of motion without wearing out the tires or damaging the alignment.

Types Of Ball Joints 

Depending on the position on the suspension, ball joints can be classified into two categories:

-Upper Ball Joints – These ball joints are found in the front suspension and work to connect your control arm or axle to your vehicle’s frame.

-Lower Ball Joints – Lower ball joints can be found on the rear of most vehicles, connecting their axles to their chassis. The lower ball joint is an important component because it provides a pivot point for steering torque and stabilizes the wheel under heavy loads.

You will find the combination of upper and lower ball joints in the heavy-duty truck. The lower ball supports the vehicle’s weight, and the upper ball joint is usually in the front suspension to connect the control arm or axle.

Both of these are very important and needed for the stability of your vehicle as well as safety.

When to Replace Ball Joints For Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500?

Sometimes ball joints for dodge ram 2500 wear out or break over time and need to be replaced. This is often the cause of squeaky noise when you’re turning your wheel, feel a clunking feeling in your steering wheel, hear popping noises coming from the front end of your vehicle or even find yourself losing control on sharp turns.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it’s time to have your ball joints for dodge ram 2500 inspected and replaced if necessary.

Driving around with worn-out ball joints can lead to more damage to other suspension and brake system components, leading to even more repair costs down the road.

Review Of The Best Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 

Review Of Carli Suspension DBJP Ball Joints Extreme Duty Dodge Ram

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

The Carli Suspension DBJP Ball Joints are an excellent option for anyone looking for the ultimate in durability. These ball joints will last up to twice as long as other brands and are nearly impossible to break! 

I bought these for my 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT CREW CAB, and they fit perfectly. I have had no issues with squeaking or any other common problems when installing new ball joints on a truck of this size and weight! 

These joints are made with high-quality material and heat-treated for maximum durability. These were bathed in salt nitride and coated with a dry-lube with a corrosion-resistant gray coating for smooth operation.

They use a precision-machined design for maximum accuracy, which helps to fit perfectly on your Dodge Ram.

In the box, I got additional high-quality synthetic grease which helps me to do long-term lubrication.

For easy servicing, it comes with Zirk fitting, which makes it easier to install and remove.

Though These ball joints are not as affordable as other brands, they are a great investment in the long run. 

So if you need the Best ball joints for the 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, you can opt for it easily. These ball joints are compatible with 2003-12 DODGE RAM 2500 and for dodge RAM 3500 4×4.

Review Of Dynatrac CR92-2X3050-A Pro Steer: Best Ball Joints For Dodge RAM 3500


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

The Dynatrac CR92-2X3050-A Pro Steer Ball Joints are compatible for 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD. These are high-quality ball joints that can be used for your heavy-duty needs.

This product has been designed to withstand the abuse of snowplows and large tire and wheel combinations.

It comes with a complete kit; 2 upper and 2 lower ball joints made from solid billet steel and heat-treated bodies.

These ball joints are suitable for people who own a diesel engine because they will not prematurely wear due to the engine’s weight. For these reason this ball joint is one of the best ball joints for dodge ram 3500.

I have been using these ball joints for about two years, and I am very pleased with the performance. I did not notice any contamination, wear, or other problems, which is a good sign because ball joints are difficult to replace once they wear out.

The ball joints are made with a greasable design so the driver can easily maintain them. I have been very pleased with their durability and performance on my truck. They work as advertised, easy to install, perform well in all driving conditions, and will resist corrosion due to an outdoor environment.

They come complete with all necessary parts for installation and include a bottle of grease that will be helpful during installation.

One thing to remember these ball joints are suitable for up to 2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500. Because from mid-year 2013 onwards, these ball joints are not compatible.

Review Of A-Team Performance 2x New XRF Upper and Lower Ball Joint Kit Set

A-Team Performance is a well-known company that produces quality automotive parts. They specialize in suspension, steering, and braking systems for trucks and SUVs. This is why I was excited to review their New XRF upper and lower ball joint kit.

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

I replaced my Moog ball joints with the A-Team Performance ball joints. I noticed an improvement in both ride quality and handling performance right away.

After a straight 6000 miles, I am happy to report that my ball joints have not needed any adjustments or lubrication. This is a big convenience because it means less time and cost for me as the owner of this vehicle, which is just what I’m looking for in an upgrade kit.

This is a good option if you want a budget-friendly ball joint upgrade for your truck.

But from my observation, I can say they are that smooth like Carli or Dynatrac ball joints. Some users complain about loose lower ball joints, which may need to be tightened.

Things To Remember When Buying ball joints for dodge ram 2500

There are some things you should consider first:

  1. Make sure it is compatible with your model year.
  2. Check about the durability and lifespan.
  3. Analyze the cost-effectiveness (price vs. quality). And Finally,
  4.  Check compatibility with other components of your car or truck, such as brakes and suspension parts.

Size and Fit: 

Make sure the ball joint you purchase is the correct size for your vehicle. Ball joints for the jeep Jk will not be compatible with the dodge ram, so again check the size and fit before ordering. Some aftermarket ball joints are larger or smaller than OEM, which can lead to other problems if they don’t fit properly. Remember, Dodge Ram, changed the steering system for the 2013 model. So pay close attention to what type of ball joints your truck requires, based on the make and year.


Ball joints are the most vulnerable mechanisms in a steering system. Make sure the ball joints you purchase are durable and will last. It’s not worth it to buy less expensive replacement parts that need replacing quickly, leading to the need for more costly repairs.

High-resistance coating: 

For best longevity, ball joints should be coated with a high-resistance industry standard. This is the one key difference between the OEM and aftermarket parts that has not been changed. Ball Joints without this coating will start to wear out in as little as 12 months or less due to corrosion caused by rainwater and other contaminants.

OEM vs. Aftermarket: 

When replacing ball joints, it’s best to go with OEM or a brand that has a close match. For instance, joints from Total Cost Involved, Moog, Carli, or Dynatrac are similar to OEM in size and durability.


You get what you pay for with car part replacements; don’t be fooled by cost-cutting brands of ball joints. Ball joints are a wear and tear part, so always buy the best ball joints for dodge ram 2500.


Below are some of the most popular questions asked about ball joints. You can find more answers to these and other FAQs in our blog post!

Numbers Of ball Joints does a Ram 2500 have?

The Ram 2500 has four ball joints.

Dodge Ram 2500 Ball Joint Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacement can depend on the brand. But an average of $450 to $650 is a reasonable estimate.

Are Ball Joints impacts ride quality?

Most people will notice that their vehicle rides smoother after replacing worn ball joints. A loose or worn-out ball joint will make your car feel like it’s not riding as smoothly because there aren’t any support mechanisms left under the bushings when they wear away. But if they’re tight and well maintained, then everything feels great! It’s essential to keep an eye on them so you can get replacements before anything happens that would cause more damage.

List of the best brands for Ball Joints?

Some of the best brands for ball joints are Moog, ACDelco, Dyantrac, Carli, etc.

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