How Much Does A Muffler Delete Cost? How To Do It? Step By Step

Modifying a car to improve its performance and get that awesome roaring sound that we all love can be a pricey proposition. However, it does not have to be. Removing your vehicle’s muffler is a cheaper way of doing it.

So how much does a muffler delete cost? Well, the price depends on the type of vehicle. Nevertheless, you can spend as little as $20 by doing it yourself. This sounds like a far better option than having it done in a muffler shop at a cost.

Here is what you need to know.

What Will You Need

  1. A car jack
  2. A hacksaw
  3. A rust penetrator such as WD-40
  4. A hand or socket wrench
  5. A welding machine

How Much Does A Muffler Delete Cost?

A muffler delete pipe can cost anywhere from $50 to $250. This cost will primarily be for parts such as a tailpipe for the exhaust. However, the price can be higher than $50 if you have everything done by an expert in a muffler shop. When you do it yourself you will only have to spend money on a new pipe.

Why Delete A Muffler?

For some people, the main reason is to get the powerful, loud, and aggressive sound generated when the exhaust does not have any kind of silencer. However, weight can be another reason and so is increased horsepower, especially on older vehicles.

The stock muffler is a large and bulky part, and in some cars deleting it can lead to up to 80% in weight reduction.

Muffler Deletion Pros

  • This results in more horsepower in higher RPM for older vehicles as it increases the exhaust flow while reducing engine-back pressure. These are cars made 15 to 20 years ago.
  • The rushing hot gases produce an aggressive and loud exhaust sound, making your vehicle sound more powerful.
  • Will also result in a significant weight loss of most vehicles.
  • It is an inexpensive way of tuning your vehicle to get better performance.

Cons of a muffler delete

  • It Will result in a droning sound, which can be annoying to some people.
  • Can lead to an excess build-up of dirt or gunk in your exhaust pipe.
  • this process will void your vehicle’s warranty.

How To Save On Costs

You can have your muffler removed by an expert. However, to save on costs, there is the option of doing it yourself. This can cost you as little as $50 compared to having it done in an auto repair shop, which can cost upwards of $100.

How To Delete A Muffler- Step By Step Process

Step One: Check For Compliance

Different states have various carbon emission restrictions. And depending on your state’s laws this kind of modification may not be allowed.

Also, some municipalities have regulations on noise levels from parties, loud music, and loud vehicles. You should also check if your region has such laws in place before starting this process.

Step Two: Raise The Vehicle With A Jack

First, put wheel chocks in front of the front wheels. Place the jack at the rear of the car. Use your vehicle’s designated jack points. If you are unsure where these are, you can use the user manual of the vehicle. Also, Read how to use a jack for better understanding.

Lift the vehicle until there is enough room for you to work underneath it. Once you reach a sufficient height, place jack stands beneath to support the vehicle.

Step Three: Remove The Clamps

The muffler is usually located towards the tip of the exhaust pipe. Also, it is attached to the exhaust pipe using “U” shaped clamps tightened with nuts. These nuts may have rust on them, making them hard to unscrew.

To make work easier, spray a rust penetrator such as WD-40 on the nuts. Allow the rust penetrator to soak. You may need to apply more rust penetrator to loosen the clamp bolts. 

Next, use a socket wrench of appropriate size to loosen the clamp bolts. Once all the clamps are loose you can remove it by pulling it outward. 

In some cases, it will be welded to the exhaust pipe. In that case, you will have to cut it using a hacksaw.

Check out the best exhaust tip for your diesel truck. Here you will learn how to increase the sound of the exhaust system more powerful than ever by installing the exhaust tip.

Step Four: Add The Tailpipe

You can leave your exhaust without a tailpipe. However, for better performance, it is recommended to add a tailpipe. This can be a basic 3-inch straight pipe that you attach to the exhaust pipe and comes out of the car’s rear.

You will also need a 90-degree elbow exhaust adapter to connect the new pipe to the exhaust pipe. If you plan on returning the muffler, you can connect the pipes with clamps. However, for a more permanent solution, you can weld the pipes to the exhaust pipe.

The muffler delete pipes are usually made from stainless steel and some from aluminum. Stainless steel is preferred due to its rust-resistant properties. These pipes can cost anywhere from $40 to $60.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the process damage my car?

No. For the most part, this process will not damage your vehicle. In some newer vehicles though, the change in performance will not be noticeable

How long will it take to install a muffler?

Ideally, it will take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours. The installation can take one hour.

How long does it take to delete a muffler?

It will take at the most 1 hour depending on the type of vehicle you are working on. Some cars are more complicated than others and will require more time.

How hard is it to replace a muffler?

Generally not difficult, given that most are held in place by “U” clamps. However, it will also depend on the type of car you are working on

Does a muffler delete affect gas mileage?

No, there is no effect on gas mileage.


With this article, we hope that you will be able to delete your muffler and have fun while at it. We hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and if you did, leaving a comment below is appreciated. More importantly, you can also share this with friends and family.

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