How To Clean Exhaust Tips with WD40 or with household items

Exhaust tips are usually metal piping that protrudes from the exhaust system and is used to deflect some of the engine’s unburned hydrocarbons that normally exist as part of the exhaust gases. They can get dirty and clogged with carbon, which causes a restriction in airflow. If you don’t clean them out regularly, it will result in poor fuel efficiency and lower horsepower.

They also have a secondary function as an aesthetic enhancement besides the deep sounding performance. However, as they are subjected to heat and grease, they can become blackened in appearance over time.

Cleaning exhaust tips is an easy task that can be done with some household items or with a professional kit like the wd40.

In this blog post, I will review a few different ways to clean exhaust tips. So whether you’re looking for a way to clean stainless steel exhaust tips or just want to know how to get carbon off your exhaust tip, we’ve got it all covered!

But First, Let me discuss

Why Exhaust Tip Turn Black and How to keep exhaust tips clean?

Lots of people asked me why my exhaust tip turned black? The answer is simple: The black dry thing you see in the exhaust tips is basically a mixture of several things, mainly carbon. The stuff that comes out of engines is hydrocarbons which are unburnt fuel. When these travel through your exhaust and out of the tip, they turn black.

Also, over time, accumulated pollution can turn your shiny stainless steel exhaust tips into dirty gray or even pure black! So whether you bought a new exhaust tip for your diesel truck or already had one, it will turn black. The best way to keep this from happening is by keeping the tips clean and checking them regularly for any signs of damage.

Precaution for every cleaning method:

  • If you have some gloves, I recommend using them. If you don’t, make sure to wash your hands after touching the exhaust tips for any of these methods!
  • Move your car to a suitable place because I am sure you don’t want to get your driveway dirty.
  • Keep in mind not to get paint off or scratch the car.
  • And if you’re using a spray, make sure to spray from the top down.

Now let’s move on to the process of cleaning –

How To Clean Exhaust Tips Wd40?

Cleaning Exhaust Tip using Wd40 is super easy. Whether you are thinking of cleaning stainless steel exhaust tips or chrome exhaust tips, you can use the following process to get your exhaust tip looking new again.

First thing first, you need

  1. Wd40: WD-40 is an all-purpose lubricant that will get the job done. You can find it at your local hardware store, or you may find it from here.
  2. Sponge: You need a Scotch Brite non-scratch sponge to clean the tip.
  3. Paper Towel / Cloth: You need paper towels or cloths to wipe off and dry.
  4. Metal Polish: You need a metal polish to restore the shine. You can try this Heavy Metal Polish Restorer and Protectant.
  5. Microfiber Cloth: And finally, you need a microfiber cloth to polish the stainless steel.

Before starting, check the exhaust tip; if that hot, let it cool. Then apply a generous amount of WD-40 inside and outside the exhaust tip. Next, scrub with the sponge or old towel thoroughly on the black soot. Next, take a paper towel or cloth and wipe off excess WD40 from the tip, as well as any other dirt you may have picked up. Finally, use a metal polish to restore the shine of stainless steel exhaust tips using a microfiber cloth.

How to clean exhaust tips with household items?

Things you need if you want to clean your exhaust tips with household items.

Cleaning Carbon Off Exhaust Tips first, scrub the tip with a sponge and warm water. Clean as much you can with luke hot, warm water. Afterward, take Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser on your scotch Brite scrub or sponge and scrub it as long as needed. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with how your exhaust tip looks like. Lastly, use a dry cloth to wipe off, And your exhaust tips are now clean!

If you want, use metal polish to restore shine and antibacterial spray for stainless steel exhaust tips. Wipe down all surfaces inside and out until they are clean. Once this is done, use another piece.

Alternative Method 1:

Here, I will give you an alternative method to clean your exhaust tip.

  • First, remove as much carbon on the inside of the tip with a rag or cloth.
  • Then you use the Lime a way Kitchen and cookware cleaner if you don’t have Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser.
  • Next, scrub any area that has soot until they are free from carbon dust.
  • Lastly, wipe off the excess from the exhaust tip and use a dry cloth to make it dry.

Alternative method 2: How to clean Black Exhaust Tips:

There is another method cleaning exhaust tips with household sites,

  • Use water and dish soap to clean the exhaust tip.
  • It’s important to use a mixture of two parts water to one part dish soap.
  • Then simply take a sponge or cloth. Soak it in the soapy solution.
  • Wring out any excess liquid from it.
  • And scrub away at your dirty exhaust tips until they are sparkling clean!


So, now you know how to clean your exhaust tips. There are many methods that work well for different people and vehicles. You should be able to find one in the list of suggestions that is perfect for you! If not, there’s always a more traditional method like using baking soda or vinegar. Remember these few points when cleaning your car’s exhaust tip so it will look as good as new again. Have you tried any of our techniques? Let us know what worked best for you in the comments below!

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