Best Ball Joints For Jeep JK: My Top 6 Picks!

This article is all about the best ball joints for jeep jk. Before starting, let me ask you some questions. 

  • Does your jeep JK tend to tilt to the left or right? 
  • Are you finding it difficult to hold the steering wheel in the center position when driving? Or 
  • Are you noticing any unusual squeaking or creaking sound? 

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then it may be time to replace the ball joints on your jeep JK. Just scroll down, and I will show you the best way to buy, install and maintain the ball joints.

If left to wear out further, worn out or damaged ball joints will lead to more problems such as premature tire wear, which will cost more. Thankfully there are plenty of aftermarket ball joints in the market for you to choose from.

However, if you want maximum smoothness when driving, you will want the best ball joints for jeep jk. To help you in your selection, I have prepared reviews of 7 ball joints for the jeep JK that offer the best overall performance. 

Top on the list is the TeraFlex 3442002 Ball Joints (Premium JK Dana 30/44 Ball Joint Kit) * (#ad). The latter is of high quality and performs exceptionally well in different road conditions. At number two is the 

MOOG K3134T Front Upper Suspension Ball Joint for Jeep Wrangler * (#ad), is an excellent option for those who want to replace only one ball joint.

But first, let’s answer some essential ball joints questions. 

How long do Jeep JK OEM ball joints last?

On average, Jeep, JK OEM ball joints will last between 70,000 and 150,000 miles. However, due to rough driving conditions in some areas, some ball joints may only last up to 20,000 miles. Overall the Best Jeep JK ball joints should give you over 70,000 of mileage.

Signs that it is time to replace ball joints

There are signs that will indicate that it’s time to replace ball joints. These signs are pretty noticeable if you know what to look for, and they are.

Noisy front suspension

A common symptom of worn-out ball joints is a clunking noise coming out of a Jeep’s front suspension. The joints become loose as they wear out; as such, they will rattle and knock as the car travels. You will notice this noise, especially when driving on rough roads, speed bumps and when turning. 

Unevenly worn-out front tires.

Another symptom is when the inner or outer tread of the front tire wears out faster than the other. This sign can be hard to notice, though. When both the outer and inner treads wear out quickly, then ball joints aren’t to blame. But if one of the two wears out faster than the other, it may be time to replace the ball joints. 

Wandering steering wheel

This is when the steering wheel tends to drift to the left or right on its own. Worn-out ball joints are usually to blame for this. Thus if you notice the steering wheel drifting on its own, it is time to replace the ball joints.

Should both upper and lower ball joints be replaced at the same time?

Yes, the chances are that if one ball joint is worn out, the opposite one is also worn out. Thus it is recommended to replace both upper and lower ball joints at the same time.

Reviews Of The Best Ball Joints For Jeep JK

TeraFlex 3442002 Ball Joints


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

After wheeling around in my Jeep Wrangler’s OEM ball joints for far too long, I decided to replace them with the TeraFlex 3442002 ball joints. I had heard many exciting things about these before purchase, and I have to say they live up to their lofty reviews.

They come in a set of four and are neatly packaged. Each joint comes in its own hard foam fit case. And all the necessary hardware is also included in the packaging. Needless to say, I was impressed with the packaging of these ball joints.

And with their 4140 Chrome Moly design, they are built to be tough, and I am sure they will handle anything I throw at them. So far, they have performed excellently in different conditions, and the death wobble that I experienced before is now gone.

But perhaps my favorite thing about these joints is the fact that they are adjustable. This means you can adjust the camber/caster angle. As such, you can make adjustments to make the wheels perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other.

According to the manufacturer, they can fit into all Jeep Wrangler JK models. However, if you own a 2013 or newer model, you may have to modify the axle shaft. These will fit perfectly into any 2007-2012 model.

MOOG K3134T Ball Joint


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

The MOOG K3134T ball joint comes as one upper ball joint. And if you are thinking of replacing only the upper ball joint, this is one product I highly recommend. Sure it does cost a bit more than other ball joints, but if you want to put an end to any type of wobble such as the death wobble, it will be well worth it.

This Moog ball joints Jeep JK is made from high-strength steel. As such, you should expect it to outlive some of the cheaper options in the market. And this is how it makes up for its price, in that due to its longevity, you will buy fewer than cheaper models that wear out quicker.

Furthermore, it uses a metal-to-metal design that allows for easier flow of grease through the bearing surface for reduced friction. As such, these ball joints offer improved longevity over the factory ball joints you get with your jeep. 

Its high-performance lubrication reduces friction, which in turn helps increase its lifespan and the overall lifespan of your jeep’s suspension system. In regards to ease of installation, it is what you would expect from an upper ball joint.

Installing upper ball joints has its challenges, and this ball joint is no different. But if you are used to the process, it shouldn’t be difficult. 

Now it should be noted that this Moog ball joint has a slightly different design. Some parts are different, such as the dust seal, which is smaller. Also, the grease boot is built into the body of the joint, which may come as a surprise for some people. 

Alloy USA 11800 Upper/Lower Ball Joint Kit

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

One of the things I noticed about these ball joints is how affordable they are. Some of the models cost almost double the price of these Alloy USA 11800 ball joints. And the question I had is whether they are as good as some of their pricier counterparts.

And to be honest, the low price does come at a cost as these are not ideal for off-road driving or heavy loads. Thus if you are looking for heavy-duty joints for off-roading or that can withstand heavy loads, I suggest looking elsewhere.

But if you want ball joints for normal road conditions, then these affordable ball joints will be right up your alley. They are made from steel, so they should offer you longevity and reduce any wobbling.

These jeep wrangler ball joints feature low-profile zerk fittings that make them easy to install. I found them to be easier to install than other ball joints. However, caution should still be taken when installing them.

They are a bit snug on the first installation, but they do break in after some time. Overall, for normal street driving conditions, these will be an excellent choice. Overall these Alloy USA ball joints are inexpensive and easier to install than most.

TeraFlex 3442022 JK Dana 30/44 Complete Knurled Ball Joint Set

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

The TeraFlex 3442022 aren’t the cheapest ball joints out there. In fact, they are almost double the price of Moog ball joints. So are they worth the cost, or should you stick to cheaper options?

Everything about these TeraFlex JK Ball joints is premium, right from the beautiful packaging they come in and the picture-heavy instructions manual. The only thing not included in the packaging was a grease zerk cover.

Installation isn’t complicated, especially with the instructions manual that gives a step-by-step process of installing them. Once you install this, you will notice a significant improvement in your car, especially when driving over bumps.

The grease zerks on the lower ball joints can be a bit difficult to access. This is especially true if you have RCV axles. However, by following the instructions manual, you should be able to install them. 

The 4140 chromyl ball/stud and 1045 carbon steel housing give these knurled ball joints longevity and toughness. Thus, they can be used for heavy-duty operations and off-road driving. In addition, these can be great when switching to larger wheels as they are able to handle extreme side load demands. 

DV8 Offroad | Heavy Duty Ball Joint Set

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

The DV8 off-road Heavy-duty ball joints are recognizable thanks to their bright green color. But these jeep wrangler ball joints aren’t known only for their bright color. As their name suggests, they are also known for their off-roading capabilities.

Compatible with both the Dana 44 and Dana 30, this joint set comes with four ball joints with all the necessary hardware required for installation. As for the construction, these joints are made from high-grade steel with SAE 1045 housing.

This is one of the reasons they perform exceptionally well in off-road conditions. Another is the housing groves, which are closer together. The result of this is that the joints can offer excellent resistance to sideload stresses.

Not everyone loves the bright green color of these ball joints, but you get a set of ball joints with exceptional performance if you look past the color. For installation, you can speed up your work by getting a 4WD joint adapter kit.

Dana 2007354 Suspension Ball Joint and Component


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Dana ball joints are known for their exceptional quality, and the 2007354 balls joint set is no different. This set of ball joints come in a package of two upper and lower ball joints. If you upgraded to 35 inch or larger wheels, these joints would make a good upgrade.

While they do not fit in all Jeep cars, they should in most Jeep wranglers and, in particular, the Dana 30 and 44 models. The package comes with all the things you will need to install these joints. 

But how do they perform? If you experience any kind of wobble, installing these joints will remedy the problem and give you a smooth ride. But the best part is that these are pretty inexpensive.

They also do not weigh much, weighing only about 0.5 pounds. Overall, these are great replacement joints that will not cost you an arm and a leg. 

What To Check If You Want To Get The Best Jeep JK ball joints?

When you are searching for a Jeep JK ball joint upgrade, there are a few things you will have to consider. The main things to consider are;

Is it the right fit?

You shouldn’t buy a ball joint simply because it is marketed as a Jeep Wrangler ball joint. Some may not be designed to fit into your exact Jeep Wrangler JK. This can be due to the year of manufacture or configuration of the axle.

While some ball joints can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. But it will be wise to check your vehicle manual or the jeep website to verify if it can fit into your exact vehicle model. Such as I talked in another post about the best ball joints for dodge ram 2500 which are compatible with most of the jeep but again I will recommend verifying it.

Easy to install

Generally speaking, ball joints aren’t the easiest components to install. Nonetheless, the ball joint you pick should have a relatively easy installation process. As such, it should come with an instructions manual and all hardware necessary for installation.

This is important if you want to undertake the installation process yourself. If not, it is perfectly fine to have the process undertaken by a professional mechanic. Though, where is the fun in that?

Materials used in construction

Ball joints bear the brunt of the suspension system. As such, they can wear out quickly if they are made from inferior materials. To avoid having to buy ball joints, frequently go for those made from tough metals.

Hardened steel joints offer longevity as they can withstand the stresses of a Jeep’s suspension system. Thus if you want durable ball joints, then you need to consider steel joints.

Coated in a high resistance coating

The Best ball joints for the 2015 Jeep Wrangler will typically feature a high resistance coating. The latter protects against corrosion and rust. As such, the ball joints can go for longer before requiring a replacement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ball joints does a Jeep Wrangler have

The Jeep Wrangler has four ball joints, two upper and two lower ball joints.

Can I drive with bad ball joints?

While technically speaking, you can; you should not as this will lead to damage of other car parts, which will cost extra money to repair. More importantly, driving with bad ball joints will accelerate their damage, and once they are completely worn out, you can lose control of the car. This can lead to a crash and injuries.

What happens after a ball joint breaks while driving?

Bad ball joints are highly vulnerable to breakage, and when they do, you will hear strange clicking noises, and your steering will be affected. Furthermore, the wheel can fall off a car once the ball joint breaks or wears out completely.

How much will it cost me to replace my Jeep wrangler ball joints?

The cost of replacing the ball joints can range from $50 to $400 depending on the type of ball joints and the Jeep Wrangler model.

How difficult is it to install ball joints?

Installing ball joints can be difficult as they are tricky to access, especially due to age and rust. And in some cases, the ball joint is integrated into the control arm. It is not as easy to install ball joints, and you may have to seek the help of a professional mechanic.

When should I buy new ball joints?

You should buy new ball joints to replace your current ones when you notice problems with your steering wheel drifting right or left. This is a major sign that your ball joints are worn out.

Do I need an alignment after replacing lower ball joints?

Alignment after replacing lower ball joints will only be necessary if the alignment was done when the old joints were loose.


Worn-out ball joints can make driving not only difficult but dangerous. Therefore, it is essential to replace them when they wear out. Needless to say, you should replace the joints with ones that can last for long. Some of the Best Jeep JK ball joints will last for up to 100,000 and beyond a mile.


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