Top 6 Best Budget Double Din Head Unit: 2024 Edition

Without proper exposure, choosing the best budget double din head unit can be challenging for most people. Selecting a poor head unit for your car means you’ll compromise things like Bluetooth connectivity, responsiveness, and sound enhancements, among others.

Conscious of this difficulty, this review aims at being as resourceful as possible to give you an easy time when to decide the next you go buying. In our hunting and gathering for the best products, two products stood out.

Let’s find who and why!


Pioneer MVH-1400NEX Digital Multimedia 6.2" Display with Apple CarPlay... * (#ad)

The pioneer MVH 1400NEX screen features a clear resistive screen. What’s more, you can customize the resolution to match your mood. The double head can also mirror your iPhone and Android devices. If we haven’t mentioned the multi-channels of input featured yet, forgive our manners. Hands-on the wheel, eyes on the road; the Bluetooth technology gives you a hands-free environment.

Runner Up –

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B Car Stereo – Double Din, 6.2 Inch... * (#ad)

This double head features a built-in Bluetooth and a responsive screen. This is a budget Friendly Double Din capable of controlling music apps hands-free. And most importantly can do the basic task such as making a call and receive wirelessly.

it is compatible with iPhones and Android devices using Apple car play and AppRadio mode. As a result, you can access that playlist on your phone and listen to some excellent sound using the 55 watts output. You will love this masterpiece on your car.

Why is double din head significant?

You might be wondering why a double din head is essential. Below are some of the vital aspects you will enjoy when you have a double din head on your car.

  1. Double din head features Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to share files and music library when driving. This is by using your smartphone or any Bluetooth compatible device. As a result, you can enjoy music and audiobooks when driving.
  1. The hands-free control feature in the double din enables you to control everything in the head unit without necessarily touching it. You or a person in the passenger seat can make calls and change the music without reaching out to the head unit.
  1. With the double din head’s output channels, all you need is to change the speakers for enhanced sound control. The equalizers in the head unit grant you the power to listen to what you want and how you want it.
  1. Using double din heads, you can easily control the screen. The screens are big, and their manipulation is by touch, which eases the task even more.
  1. If you have a double din head, you are guaranteed a multiple media connection. You can connect almost any media device and play it. For example, CD/DVD, audios, radio, and others.

Reviews Of The Best Budget Double Din Head Unit For The Money



Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

The first thing you’ll notice is the 7″ screen that gives you a clear wide view. More than just the screen, there is a built-in apple carplay and android auto, making it compatible with Android and IOS users. 

To be honest, the system is straightforward to operate. First, you need to connect your phone using an SA102 cable. The system will automatically detect the phone’s operating system and display either android auto or apple carplay. Then, you should press the icon, and the touch screen display mirrors the phone. With that, you can now access the usable apps on display.

What’s more, the Bluetooth hands-free and AZDP music streaming is fantastic and ensures your eyes remain focused on the load. Similarly, if you love the sound(who doesn’t?), you can customize the 7-band equalizer to sound how you want to hear it.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about parking; the front/ rear backup camera inputs will ease your experience.  From the above good things, we can definitely tell this as one of the best double din head units under 200 dollars.


  • Constant firmware update
  • 178 degrees full-viewing angle
  • Easy to operate


  • compatible with Android and IOS phones
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Built-in carplay and android auto
  • 7-band equalizer
  • Has a wide touchscreen display


  • The cable charges your phone slowly
  • Does not feature a DVD player.

Pioneer MVH1400NEX

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Pioneer has a history of engineering some of the best sound systems in the globe. This double head represents a 6.2″ display that is clear, resistive, and touchscreen. The display is a 24-bit true-color panel. 

The system also features built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming without taking your eyes off the load. Further, the system has aux-in, wired remote input, USB port, back up camera, and audio playback to ensure your ride remains as personalized as possible. 

Additionally, the double din head features apple carplay that gives iPhone users an extraordinary way to make calls, use maps, listen to music, and access messages either by touch or voice command.

On the other hand, android users can connect with the phone using NEX featured in the system to mirror their favorite apps right into the dashboard. This feature is also usable with iPhone users. 

The head has a 13-band equalizer with high and low pass filters, and subwoofer controls to enhance your music even more for the love of music.


  • Clear-resistive touchscreen display
  • Multi-Language display
  • Voice command control


  • It is a touchscreen
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • 13-band equalizer
  • Highly customized colors
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone


  • Does not have an in-built microphone
  • Does not feature a DVD player.


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

This double head features a 6.2inch touchscreen display that is very responsive. The double head features Bluetooth technology that enables you to answer and make calls; play and control the music using apps like Pandora and Spotify.

You will love the amount of media this double head can handle:

  1. You can use the DVD player to play videos on your display.
  2. The CD, USB/SD, or Bluetooth allows you to play different audios on your phone.
  3. The head features AM/FM radio and auxiliary input compatible with smartphones’ audio output.

The input and the output serve you optimally. The system features USB/SD, auxiliary, audio/video, rear and front cameras. Also, the steering wheel interface allows you to control the existing function. On the other hand, the system has front and rear outputs and subwoofer preamp outputs to hook your speakers. What’s more, you can extra display for more viewing using the video output.

The power and the equalizer featured in the system customizes the “how” you hear your music.


  • Extra video output
  • Remote control
  • CD/DVD player


  • Features Bluetooth technology
  • It has a built-in preset equalizer
  • It is a touchscreen
  • Has a rear and front camera display.
  • Has a remote control


  • You cannot customize the theme
  • Its display is not compatible with Android or iPhones.



Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Pioneer has indeed been a pioneer in the sound system industry, and all they produce is pure gold. The touchscreen display is 6.2″ WVGA that is wide enough and highly responsive to bring you a closure view and easy control. What else can it do? Let’s find out.

This double din head features a multimedia DVD player to enable you to play your favorite CDs. Also, the head features Bluetooth technology that allows you to receive audio calls and music.

This pioneer double head is compatible with iPhones and Android. Using the apple carplay in the system, you can access iPhone apps for a more personalized experience. Similarly, you can connect your car with AppRadio mode. This mode gives you access to all compact apps and mirrors them on the screen. The connection gives you full access to your phone.

The complete WVGA display features a back-up camera ready to reduce your hassle when you are parking. 


  • Bluetooth built-in 
  • CD+RW memory card slot
  • Supports internet services like Spotify


  • Compactible with Android and iPhone
  • Has a touchscreen display
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • It has a back-up ready camera.
  • It has a highly responsive user interface.


  • You cannot change the theme
  • It does not support wireless carplay.

Multimedia-Receiver-about Bit-Bluetooth-Subwoofer

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

This double din head feature raises its bar far above its competitors. It is a 7inch smart sense glass capacitive touchscreen display to provide a comfortable view and keep content within reach. Let’s look at what it can do.

It features AM/FM radio reception that is not affected by the weather. The 7inch display gives you a front/rearview camera immediately after you engage reverse gear. The back-up camera RCA input with 12V auto-on trigger displays the image.

The mirror link can handle the Android 10.0 version and below and iPhone XR and iPhone 8 version. The phone can be connected using an original USB cable and mirror its display on the 7inch screen.

Crazily, you can customize the display’s themes and the buttons to match the decorations in your car to match by setting up your menu. Also, the screen has 3-way input that supports U disk/AUX-in/TF card for convenience. 


  • 3-way input
  • Customizable theme/color change.
  • 7inch high-resolution display


  • Features rear/ front view camera
  • It has a phone link compatible with iPhone and Android
  • 3-way input
  • touchscreen display
  • you can control the components using the steering wheel buttons


  • Does not support CD/DVD player
  • May be complicated to use at first 

Sony XAV-AX100

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

This double din head combines the best feature to provide you with a resourceful infotainment system. First, the touch screen display is 6.4″ to give you a wide view of access and control. 

The screen mirrors the phone’s display when connected using a cable to either an iPhone or an android phone. Once connected, you can access all the phone necessities like calls, text messages, check voicemail, listen to music, and bring maps. What’s more, you can access them using either the touch screen display or command control.

Similarly, the screen eases your parking efforts if your car has a rear camera. The camera starts immediately, and you put the car in reserve.

Additionally, the car features a 10-band equalizer to customize your sound. The dynamic sound organizer in the car creates virtual speakers for authentic sound. Further, the three pre-out accompanying the double din lets you expand your sound system.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 55 watts output
  • -8db to +18db audio level adjustment


  • Features ergonomic rotary dial
  • Voice control
  • Has dynamic sound organizer
  • Has a good view and responsive control
  • Customizable 10-band equalizer


  • Does not support wireless Carplay
  • You cannot customize the theme/color of buttons and display.

Buyers Guide for Double Din Head Unit

What is Your Budget?

Economists have always said that you cannot spend what you don’t have. Therefore, checking the cost of the double din head is very important. You can either buy what you can afford or raise your budget to buy what you want. Some expensive double din heads like Pioneer AV-1300NEX and Pioneer AV-1400NEX have additional features that you will love even more. It’s all about your taste!

What are the Different Types of double din?

Technology is changing everything, and double din heads can’t be left out. It is this technology that has led to the existence of two types of double din heads


This type is the future of double din heads. This type of head has an integrated technology that allows you to enjoy some of the features you have on your smartphone and mirror them on your display. This type has a touchscreen, highly compatible with your phone’s operating system, among other features.


This type is the past we’re moving from. This type of system has been designed simply to keep the driver’s eyes on the road. They have some features like CD/DVD, USB, Aux-in and Bluetooth. Generally, these features don’t allow you to mirror your phone to the display; some don’t have the display, to be honest with you.


Fit is very vital, and you should check it before buying. It disappoints to buy a double din head only to realize you missed a few inches. However, some brands like pioneer allow you to confirm the fit before buying. You can do this by filling in the year of your car’s make and the model; then, click check. As a result, this saves you all the hustle. 

Output and Input Power

The peak power is vital, especially if you’re a fan of the sound. Peak power enables you to enjoy things like clipping, speaker efficiency and improves your clarity of detail. You’ll need that power to listen to the music and answer that call.


Ease of operation is not just important; it’s vital. Some double din heads have a very poor user interface, which you can’t comprehend at first. Therefore, this might be disturbing, especially when you are driving and may even take your eyes off the road.

Navigation Technology

You are in a new environment, and you haven’t mastered the roads; what will you do? Use the navigation system. A double din head featuring a navigation system is the best thing a brand would give to the user. It saves you the hassle of struggling to master landmarks and other things to remember the roads.

Ease on Connection

The higher the connectivity of your double din heads, the more features you stand to enjoy. For instance, if your double head has Bluetooth connectivity, you will wireless music and call answering. It is essential to check how well and easily you can connect with your double din head.

Operating System

The operating system is also essential in a double din head. Some operating systems have compatibility issues and will give you a hard time connecting with your Android or iPhone. Some systems cannot connect to the phone’s operating system beyond a particular version. 

How many output and input channels does it have?

The number of preamp outputs is vital because they determine the number of speakers you can use in the car. Some input channels to check on are aux-in and CD/DVD, front and rear camera inputs, etc. The higher the number of input and output channels, the better.

Is it compatible with a Tablet?

Yes, it is possible to use a tablet on a double din head unit. But before then, you have to ensure that your double din has an extra video output. Having an additional video output allows you to add more displays.


Can the map feature in the double din be updated?

Yes, maps time when can be updated. However, in some double din heads, you need to pay a fee to do the updates. On the other hand, you can update some for free.

Can double din head units help in monitoring weather?

Yes. Some double din heads support online weather forecasts. This feature is vital, especially when you’re going to different regions, and helps you dress appropriately.

Will steering wheel controls work with my new double din head?

Yes, if you have the steering wheel controls, they should work correctly. However, some may not work, and you might need to buy an adapter for the new double din head.

Which is the best double din head for IOS?

The best double din head for IOS must have apple carplay for compatibility. We have featured some like pioneer AVH 1300NEX, which are very compatible with iPhones.

Which double din head is compatible with android devices?

Compatibility with Android devices needs Android auto. Therefore, ensure you check if a double din head has Android Auto before buying. Pioneer AVH 1300NEX AND 1400NEX are very suitable.

Which double din head can fit in my dash?

Different double din heads fit other cars. Some brands like pioneer allow you to check if the double din head can fit your car’s dash.

To sum it up, our first pick for the best budget double din head unit for the money would be Pioneer AVH 1300NEX, while the second pick would be Pioneer MVH 1400NEX because they distinctively stand our in-user experience. However, for the best budget double din head unit we would go for Sony XAV-AX100 and ATOTO In-Dash.

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