Todays Best Double Din Head Unit Under 200 and 250 Dollars: Unbiased Review

Today’s double din units are capable of doing more than play music. Modern stereo systems can surf the internet and do a host of other things. The problem is these head units have also increased in price.

And it is not surprising that some cost upwards of $500. But let’s be honest, $200 or slightly more $250 is probably the most you are willing to spend on a unit, hence why you are here. So we decided to scour the market in search of the best double din head unit under 200.

Our search led us to the, which proved to be the best car stereo under 200 and 250. However, we also found some other great options that we feel are worth considering.

Topping the list is the Boss Audio systems BVCP9685A. The latter offers a plethora of features rarely found in this price range. In second place is the Pioneer AVH-210EX, which is highly rated among users.

All the other options offer great features at low prices compared to their big brand counterparts. This makes them an excellent alternative for people on a budget. 

Reviews Of The Best Double Din Head Unit Under 200

BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A

A bit pricier than the other options on the list, the BOSS BVCP9685A has a ton of awesome features for you to play around with. 

Costing slightly more than $200, this car stereo comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Autoplay features. With these, you can access Google Voice assistant or Siri to make work a bit easier as you drive.

It is also Bluetooth enabled to allow for hands-free calling. Also, the car stereo has maps pre-installed. 

You also get additional features as an AV input to connect video and audio output devices. There is also a USB port that allows for USB charging. You can also stream music from your favorite apps such as Pandora and Spotify.

Overall, this is the best double din head unit under 300 on the list. It has more to offer than most of its cheaper competitors.

Pioneer AVH-210EX In-Dash 2-DIN 6.2″ Touchscreen DVD Receiver

No products found.

Pioneer is a household name in the car stereo industry. The company’s AVH-210EX in-dash double din is one of the best under $200. 

While its 6.2-inch display is smaller than that of other double dins on the list, it comes with five selectable display colors and 112 key colors. In addition to this, this double din also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-ready headsets.

A feature we found useful was the dual phone connection. This is great for a family car or if you have two phones. 

Apart from Bluetooth wireless audio streaming, you can also play audio and video content from CDs, DVDs, and USB memory devices. You can also play music from compatible android devices.

It also comes with a built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control. It may lack some of its pricier counterparts’ fancy features by considering the price. It’s understandable. 

ATOTO In-Dash Double Din Digital Media Car Stereo


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

ATOTO is not the most famous brand name out there, but the company does have some excellent car stereo systems at affordable prices. The SA102 Starter is the model that impressed us.

It is rare to find a car stereo system with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for less than $200. But the SA102, which costs way less, offers both options.

Also, the digital media car stereo features a 7-inch screen and a USB connection. With the latter, you can connect your phone and display it on the 7-inch screen. Also, with the EasyConnection app, you can display apps that are not compatible with CarPlay or android auto.

Despite its low price, this car stereo comes with all the vital features you would expect from a car stereo, including a Bluetooth connection, AM/FM radio tuner, hands-free calling.

Hieha Car Stereo Compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Another car stereo that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but costs less than $200 is the Hieha Car stereo system. With this feature, you can access map navigation, phone contacts, music, and video streaming.

The main interface of this car stereo is a 7 inch HD 1080P touch screen. This stereo system also features Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling. You also get mirror link functionality for android 10.1 and below and IOS 13.4 and below. 

There is also a rearview camera to give you a clear image of anything behind the vehicle when reversing. Also, you get all the other features of any digital car stereo system. These include digital media FM receiver, steering wheel control function support, and USB port playback.

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth

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The second ATOTO digital car stereo on our list is the A6 double Din android car navigation stereo. This digital stereo system runs on the Android Marshmallow OS and allows for customization and optimization.

It offers all the standard stereo system features, including Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel key control, and FM/AM radio. Also included is an AUX/backupbackup camera input.

The dual Bluetooth feature works as a BTcall and A2DP playback. Also, it can connect to your phone’s tethering internet. Of worth noting is that this car stereo comes with Google Maps pre-installed. 

As with the other ATOTO car stereo, this one has a 7 inch LCD touchscreen display. There is also a microphone for voice commands and control buttons.


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

We just had to include another Pioneer double din, given the company’s reputation. And the one that we picked is the PIONEER 6.2″/MECH/STREAM/BT/REM/13EQ. The latter is an entry-level stereo system that has all the features you would expect.

The first thing you notice is the 6.2-inch WVGA, while we would have preferred an LCD panel, we did find it to be a deal-breaker. The display is multilingual and is backup camera-ready.

As with the other Pioneer model, this one is also compatible with both android phones and iPhones. You can connect your iPhone or even iPod and play music from it. 

For a wireless connection, you can take advantage of the stereo system’s Bluetooth connectivity. This allows for hands-free calling as well as streaming music. You can also play music from a USB-connected device.

Dual DMCPA70 7-Inch Double-DIN in-Dash Mechless Receiver


Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change

Next up is the Dual DMCPA70 double-din car stereo. This is another budget double din car stereo with plenty of features.

A 7-inch LED-backlit TFT panel acts as the main display of this car stereo. With a 1024 x 600 resolution, it is clear enough for most. More importantly, its backlit feature makes it visible even in low light.

It features Bluetooth connectivity, which is to be expected from such a car stereo. This allows for hands-free calling as well as audio streaming from your device. Additionally, it has Apple CarPlay built-in as well as Android Auto. 

On the stereo is a push-to-talk button that allows you to access your connected phone’s voice assistant. There is no support for CD or DVD player, but there is an AM/FM radio and USB port.

It can also accommodate a rear camera to give you a clear image of what’s behind you as you reverse.

How Should You Know Which One Is The Best Car Stereo Under 200

What features should you look for when shopping for double din car stereo? There are a number of factors to consider, these are;

The size of the screen

The screen size of the car stereo system matters a lot. For some people, a larger screen is a better option. In the under 200 segments, though, you are most likely dealing with screen sizes of between 6 and 11 inches. A 7-inch screen will be sufficient for most, though.

Bluetooth and connectivity

The best head unit under 200 should have at least one device connectivity option. This can either be Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB. Bluetooth connectivity is the most common in this price range and USB port for wired connection. 

Most of the double din stereos we have listed above offer both Bluetooth and USB connection. This is sufficient for most as both options do not require an internet connection.


Power output is measured in watts and can either be designated as peak or RMS watts. Ideally, the latter kind of output is what you should look for. That being said, the best car stereo under 200 will have an RMS output of over 30 watts.

Peak wattage is a rounded figure usually given by the manufacturer. If RMS wattage is not present, consider a peak wattage of 40 to 50 watts.


The designs of car stereo systems vary depending on the model. Some have a slim design with minimal buttons, while others have a fat design with large buttons. Some do not have buttons and feature touchscreen controls.

The design you opt for will depend on your preferences. While some people may prefer a slim design, others may prefer a touchscreen-only interface.

Preamp voltage

If you plan on connecting your car stereo to an amplifier, then the preamp voltage will be an essential feature to consider. A higher preamp voltage will result in a noise reduction when you crank up the volume. 

Most car stereos offer a preamp voltage of between 2 and 8 volts. 

Outputs and inputs

An aftermarket double din will feature a bunch of output and input ports at the back. These ports allow you to connect sound equipment such as amplifiers and subwoofers. As a general rule of thumb, the more the ports, the better the double din is. 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto;

These two allow you to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to your double din. The availability of both options points to a double din system being of excellent quality. Having both options gives you the flexibility to connect whichever type of phone you have.


Typically a stereo system needs one channel for each speaker. Given that most cars have a total of four speakers, a four-channel stereo is recommended. However, your vehicle may have fewer or more than four speakers. Thus it is essential to check the number of speakers the car has.

Navigation and GPS

The best double din head unit under 300 will be more than just a stereo system for playing music. A stereo system that offers additional features such as rear camera compatibility are recommended. More importantly, navigation, which can be in the form of a pre-installed maps application.

The installation process

How difficult or easy a car stereo is easy to install will depend on the features it has. Stereo systems with steering control and backup camera will be a bit costlier to install. The installation cost will range from $20 to $200, depending on features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a double din stereo system worth it?

Double din stereo systems offer a lot of useful features, such as Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free control. The bigger screen you get with a double din stereo system makes it easy to use.

Which is the best double din head unit?

From our list, we would have to pick the BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A due to its features that give it an edge over our other options.

Does the head unit affect sound quality?

The head unit does affect sound quality, and purchasing a better aftermarket head unit can improve sound quality if the speakers are not damaged.

Are all double din stereos the same size?

No, double din systems vary in size, with some being larger than others.

Will a double din stereo fit in my car?

Not all car stereos can fit into all cars. Some are designed specifically for specific car brands and makes. It is essential to note this when purchasing a double din stereo.

Do car stereos have the same connectors?

Aftermarket car stereos will usually use the same wiring harness. However, each stereo will come with an owner’s manual that includes a radio wiring diagram.

Is Boss a good car stereo brand?

Yes, Boss is one of the most recognizable brands in the car stereo market.


Choosing the best car stereo under 150 or the best double din head unit under 200 is not complicated. There are countless fantastic options in this price segment. The seven we have reviewed above are all worth considering. 

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