How To Jack Up A Lifted truck: Step By Step Process

If you have a lifted truck, then you know how difficult it is to jack it up. The higher ground clearance and weight make the process more challenging. As a truck owner, I know how important it is to be able to jack up my lifted truck and change a flat tire. It’s not something that you want to have to do often, but if the need arises, you’re going to be glad that you know how!

This article will give you step-by-step instructions on getting your lifted truck off the ground without any problems.

A lifted truck is a great vehicle for hauling heavy loads. However, if you need to jack it up yourself, you must take precautions to avoid injury or damage.

Keep These hand If you use Lifted Trucks

How To Jack Up a Lifted Truck Using Jack Made For Lifted Trucks.

Step 1. Find an appropriate area:

Suppose you face problems in the middle of nowhere and have to change the tire or check the brakes or check ball joints. Then you first want to find a flat solid surface that is not on an incline and has enough room for you and your vehicle. Do not choose soft ground, mud, sand, or wet surfaces, as the truck’s weight may cause you to sink or get stuck.

Step 2. Put Emergency Brake:

You’ll want to put your emergency brake on and make sure that the gear is neutral. This will allow you to jack up the truck without worrying about rolling back or forward when you raise the tire off the ground.

Step 3. Use High-quality Jack:

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re using a high-quality jack. Cheap jacks will bend when your truck’s weight is applied, which can lead to some severe problems for you down the line. I would recommend you to choose the floor jack because it can sustain more weight.

Step 4. Place the chocks:

Place the chocks either in front of or behind your wheels. These will prevent you from rolling back when raising your truck. If you want to raise both front-wheel, place the chocks behind the rear wheels and vice versa.

Step 5. Find The Jack Points under the Lifted Truck:

When you’re ready, find the jack points under your lifted truck. These will be designated areas where you can safely place your jack and lift it to raise the vehicle for repairs or tire changing. Your vehicle must have a jack point around for each tire. For example, lifting the front wheel, jack points are behind the front wheel.

Lifted trucks usually have more jack points than other vehicles so that you can find more places to place the jack.

Step 6. Place The Jack under the Lifted Truck:

Place the jack under one of your designated points. Since lifted trucks are heavier and higher ground clearance, a jack is recommended to use a jack specially made for lifted trucks. Try to choose a floor jack that can lift at least 20″ or more.

If you don’t have that type of jack, don’t worry, we describe how to jack up a lifted truck using an ordinary floor jack.

In case if you are using a regular stock jack, then try to find a solid object. These could be wood blocks and now place the jack on top of the solid wood/object to reduce the gap of ground and axle.

Step 6. Raise the lifted truck after placing the jack under the truck:

After placing the jack on a solid object or floor, then you have to raise it.

To do so, turn the handle of the stock jack until it is at its maximum height and make sure that there are no obstructions under your vehicle. The axle should be parallel with the ground surface. Keep in mind not to over-lengthen the jack because your vehicle may end up toppling over.

How to the lower lifted truck:

After you’ve jacked up the lifted truck, then it is time to lower or dismount your vehicle. To do so, turn the handle of the stock jack in the opposite direction.

How To Jack Up a Lifted Truck Using Stock Jack.

Step 1. Find Appropriate Place and Put Emergency Brake First.

Before you start doing anything on your lifted truck, first find an even solid surface and then put your emergency brake firmly.

Step 2. Place a Solid wood piece to reduce the axle and ground gap

Because you are dealing with a lifted truck and your axle is a bit higher off the ground, put a piece of solid wood to make up the gap between the ground and axle.

Step 3. Jacking up with factory jack

Now raise your factory jack as much as possible; then place it safe and firmly on top of the woodblock. Remember, the keyhole should be facing towards the back to access the jack rod.

Step 4. Raise your lifted truck.

After doing the above now, you can raise by just rotating the jack rods.

How To Jack Up a Truck To Change Tire

Step 1 Remove the lug nuts and the tire.

Once you raised your lifted truck enough off the ground, remove the lug nuts using the lug nut key and the tire.

Step 2. install your spare tire.

Once you remove the old tire, roll your new spare tire and line up the holes with bolts. First, put the two on top and then slide it in, bouncing it off those.

Step 3. Secure the lugs.

After placing the tires, now secure the lugs firmly with the lug nut key. Next, for more security, tight each lug nuts using the torque wrench. Now you are all set but follow the next step, which will give you more peace of mind.

Step 4. Use Air Compressor.

Before hit on the road again, check the air pressures of all of your tires.


Jacking up a lifted truck is not as easy as most vehicles. Therefore, you must be careful and follow the steps carefully to do this job correctly.

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