How To Clean 6.0 Turbo Without Removing It? – Best Cleaning Of Turbo

Turbo is the one that we all dream of in our car. But, it becomes a pain when we recall to clean it up, doesn’t it? The hassles of cleaning a 6.0 Turbo require opening the cover or detaching from the car.

Yet, we firmly suggest you relax. Because we have a way to clean the 6.0 Powerstroke turbo without removing it, you can follow the methods we do and clean your turbo without spending a penny on any workshop. What if you don’t clean the turbo regularly? You may experience difficulty in starting the engine and poor performance. Let’s find out what will happen after that we will jump into the core of this article and find the answer to ‘how to clean 6.0 turbo without removing it?’.

How To Clean 6.0 Turbo Without Removing It

Is 6.0 Powerstroke turbo cleaning necessary?

It is generally a good idea to clean the turbocharger on a 6.0 Powerstroke engine periodically to help ensure that it operates efficiently with improved engine performance and extended lifespan. If you don’t clean it periodically, it can cause the turbo to become clogged, leading to a decrease in power, reduced fuel economy, and overheating. In the worst-case scenario, the turbo can malfunction and need to be replaced with a new turbo for 6.0 Powerstroke.

Several types of particles can build up on the turbo over time, including:

Carbon deposits can form on the turbine blades and other internal components of the turbo due to the high temperatures and pressures inside the turbo. Carbon deposits can reduce the efficiency of the turbo and potentially cause it to fail.

Dirt and debris: Small particles of dirt and debris can enter the turbo through the intake air and accumulate on the blades and other internal components over time.

Oil: Oil can accumulate on the turbo due to leaks or improper sealing, which can reduce the efficiency of the turbo and potentially cause it to fail.

Rust and corrosion: If the turbo is exposed to water or moisture, rust and corrosion can form on the internal components, reducing its efficiency and potentially causing it to fail.

Cleaning the turbo regularly helps remove these particles and ensures that it operates efficiently.

How To Clean 6.0 Turbo Without Removing It? The Ways to Clean

The process of cleaning the 6.0 turbo is quite complex. Nonetheless, special thanks to the advanced instrument cleaner producers who have thought about it profoundly.

With the turbo cleaner spray, you can clean your vehicle’s 6.0 turbo in a short while.

Before we enlighten you on the method, we recommend you purchase a turbo cleaner spray. It may cost you around $6 to $7 online. You can also find it at any local car workshop.

However, follow the steps orderly and find the best cleaning you can do for your 6.0 Powerstroke turbo.

Steps To Follow

First, you must determine the turbo line or pipe after opening your car bonnet.

Now, start and ignite your car engine. Press the acceleration 3 to 4 times. It will warm up the engine as well as the turbo.

Now, loosen the screw of the turbo inlet. After that, you will notice the dust and tar in the inlet pipe of the turbo.

loosen the screw of the turbo inlet

Generally, the cleaner is around 200 ml. You need to spray the whole bottle in the inlet.

spray the whole bottle in the inlet

So, start spraying the turbo cleaner inside the pipe. In addition, you need to keep the engine running while spraying.

About the spraying duration, you need to press the sprayer for 1 second and maintain it 5 seconds before the next spray. 

This process may take one to two hours to empty the sprayer bottle. 

After the spraying is complete, shut the car engine and leave it for 5 mins. At this time, the cleaner will set itself in the lines.

Again start the car engine. Now, press the ignition 10 to 15 times and keep the rpm from 2000 to 3000 each time.


It will function with the 6.0 turbo and push the cleaner through all the lines. Eventually, the cleaner will loosen the dust and tar and clean it by pushing through the exhaust pipe.

Now you may question if this process will work in your diesel engine or not. The answer is yes; this method is applicable to both diesel and petrol engines.


The turbo cleaners work significantly great. By applying this spray cleaner, you can wash your turbo with a little effort and time.

On the other hand, it will save you a large amount of time removing the turbo from your car. That was all that we answered to How To Clean 6.0 Turbo Without Removing It?

But, you must keep in mind, though the turbo cleaner works amazing, you must clean the turbo once after two years by detaching it from the car. It will keep your 6.0 turbo safe and healthy.


Can you clean a 6.0 turbo without removing it?

Yes, we can clean the 6.0 turbo without removing it from the car. To do this, you need a turbo cleaner spray. Lose the inlet pipe first. Then keep spraying the whole bottle in the pipe. In addition, you must keep the engine running while you spray. After finishing the whole bottle, infinite the engine 10 to 15 times, your turbo will be clean after doing all that.

How do you clean a diesel turbo without taking it off?

The process might seem complex, but it is not. First, you need to lose the screw of the turbo inlet pipe. After that, start the engine and keep spraying the cleaner inside the pipe. After emptying the bottle, ignite the motor 10 to 15 times, and all the junk will leave the turbo.

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