DTC P0472 On 6.0 Powerstroke: Sign and Fixing Process DIY

The Diagnostic Trouble Code P0472 is one of the DTC you can get from your 6.0 Powerstroke. This code relates to the Exhaust Pressure Sensor Low Input. To understand the p0472 6.0 PowerstrokePowerstroke DTC, we need to discuss what it means, its causes, and possible solutions.

DTC P0472 6.0 Powerstroke

What Does The P0472 Code Mean On 6.0 Powerstroke

This P0472 code on 6.0 Powerstroke is triggered when the exhaust back pressure sensor is not working properly. This code typically relates to 6.0 powerstroke turbochargers. The PCM will return the code when it receives a mismatched signal from the exhaust pressure sensor and intake manifold.

The exhaust pressure sensor monitors the pressure in the exhaust manifold. The information from the manifold is sent to the PCM for purposes of operating output devices. These include the exhaust gas recirculation valve.

This issue is typically caused by an electrical issue. In some cases, you may get this code accompanied by the P0473 or P0470 code as well.

Signs of The P0472 Code

Check Engine Light Is On:

The first visible sign that will alert you to the presence of this error code is the Check Engine Light being on. The CEL means there is something wrong with the engine, and a fault with the exhaust back pressure sensor can cause the CEL to turn on.

Low Power to the Engine:

The presence of this code and there being a technical problem with the exhaust back pressure will cause the engine not to work at optimum levels. This can manifest as a loss of power, poor fuel economy, and difficulty starting the engine.

Crank-no start:

This happens due to the vehicle being unable to perform a regeneration.

Intermittent Start:

If you have trouble starting your car in cold weather or after being parked for a while, this could be another sign that there is an underlying problem with the engine. If you experience problems with starting your car even when it’s been running for awhile at normal levels, this may also be indicative of the P0472 code.

What Causes the P0472 DTC

Bad Exhaust Pressure sensor:

A defective exhaust pressure sensor will cause the PCM to trigger the P0472 code. This is usually due to a broken or cracked sensor. The sensor will need to be replaced in order for the code to go away.

Circuit Problems:

Since the P0472 is caused by electrical faults, issues with the wiring such as damaged wires or a poor connection will also lead to this DTC.

PCM issues:

A problem with the PCM itself will also lead to this error code. These can be software issues or mechanical issues.

Blocked Tube:

A blocked pressure tube or port will also lead to this error code being triggered.

How To Diagnose a P0472 code

There are several things to do when diagnosing a P0472 DTC. These steps will help you know what is causing the issue.

Inspect The EP sensor:

Inspecting the EP sensor will be the first thing to do. When doing this first turn the key off and disconnect the sensor. Then measure the voltage of the EP sensor VREF circuit pin B and the ground. The voltage should be 4.5 and 5.5 volts. If you do not get this it may be an issue with the sensor

Inspect the wiring and connections:

If the EP sensor is working fine, the fault may lie with the connectors and wiring. Check for rubbing, chafing, burns, or bare wires.

Inspect the Connectors:

Check the connectors for corrosion or burnt terminals. If you find any debris and dirt you can clean them.

Check the circuit Signal:

You can also check the signal between the PCM and the EP sensor. Use an ohm meter to measure resistance between the EP sensor and the PCM engine harness connector pin 27. You should get a reading of at least 5 ohms. If you do not it may be an issue with the circuit.

Check circuit for short to ground:

If the circuit signal from the PCM harness is fine, inspect the signal circuit from short to ground as well. Use an ohm meter to measure resistance from the sensor and the ground. If the reading is more than 10,000 ohms it is an issue with the circuit.

How to Fix P0472 DTC

When you get this DTC code from the PCM, fixing it will depend on what is actually causing the problem. There are several things you can do to fix the issue

Replace or Clean wires and connections:

The wiring of the EP sensor may be damaged or dirty causing the PCM to trigger this DTC. In such a case cleaning the wires will fix the issue. However, if the wires are damaged you will have to replace them.

Replace the EP sensor:

The code may be due to a faulty Exhaust pressure sensor. In that case, replacing the EP sensor with a new one should fix the problem.

Replace Exhaust Harness:

The exhaust harness may also be damaged causing the PCM to trigger this code. The solution will be to disconnect the harness and replace them.

Repair Wiring:

The code may also be due to a short in the wiring leading to the sensor from the PCM. If you get 12 volts when you measure the power supply to the sensor, then it means you need to check for a short in the wiring or replace the wiring

Replace the PCM:

Though rare the cause of the error may also be a defective PCM. In such a case replacing the PCM should fix the issue.

P0472 Diagnosis Mistakes

The P0472 code is often accompanied by the P0473 and the P0471 codes as they all relate to the same core issue, which has to do with the exhaust system. As such it is common to mistake the P0472 as being caused by an issue with the EGR valve.

This is especially since the EGR valve is found close to the back pressure tube. It is important to diagnose this code properly. Also, fixing the issue arising from the P0472 code may fix the other two codes as well.


The P0472 code does not indicate a serious danger to the engine, however, this is not to say you should ignore it. Prolonged issues with the back pressure tube may lead to more issues with the engine that will be costly to fix. Also if not addressed, it may cause your vehicle to stop working.

As such, it is important to get the problems causing this code to be triggered and fixed before it is too late. Also, if you are getting other codes accompanying the P0472 it will be important to have them fixed as well.

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